Monday 10 February 2014


One of the many joys of traveling is to experience something for the first time! Singapore Cable Car is one of my first times! I'm actually a second timer in Singapore since I've visited the place June of last year, however - this is my first time to explore their cable car.

How to get there?
In case you're taking their MRT, you have to alight to VIVO CITY station. This station has an exit to VIVO CITY Mall. Go up 4 floors and ride the Sentosa MRT, finally alight at IMBIAH Station where you can purchase your tickets and stroll around the place.

How much?
I'm guessing it's between Php 500 to Php 700. Be sure to pay in SGD. Conversion as of this writing is somewhat Php 35 = SGD 1. You also have to pay a minimum fare for the Sentosa MRT.

The Ride
It's a fairly short ride. It has 3 stops. You have the option on whether to alight on Station 1, 2 or 3. Like any other cable car - you'll see a good view from above. It's also air conditioned and clean {like everything else in Singapore}. You'll witness how a small country like SG can blossom into a magnanimous economy. "It's dubbed as the next Switzerland" my friend quipped. If you're wondering how big the cable car is, here's the size...

The Verdict
If you'll ask me if it's worth it, I'll say yes since I'm after the experience. It's shorter than that of Hong Kong's cable car in Ocean Park, but nonetheless I enjoyed the journey. If you're afraid of heights, I think you still can do it. Take it from mommy who's acrophobic, but still managed to got the hang of it.

Did I enjoy the ride?
Freaking yes! Maybe because I'm with two of my favorite women in my life. A long time friend (Hola Lynners!) and Mommy! Who happened to celebrate her birthday in Singapura! For someone who wears so many hats in a typical day, traveling is my major form of relaxation. It gives me that enthusiasm to go back again to my usual norm with a fresh new energy and creative juices. Do you enjoy traveling too? -CMK

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