Thursday 12 December 2013


This 2013, we had a bright emerald green as the color of the year. Now, let's welcome 2014 with a pastel-worthy shade. It has a fancy name, mind you... RADIANT ORCHID. Or soft purple in my book. As early as now, I am loving the soft, warm vibe! Maybe because it is one of my all time favorite color. Here's the source of our first fashion peg.

From casual to formal look, this color is full of possibilities. The red carpet and local fashion pages are slowly transitioning to this timely color! Expect plums and pinks in makeup world too!

I love everything about our second fashion plate. I'm looking for some winter clothes lately due to an upcoming trip plus this satchel makes me drool. Finally, since this pants and pencil skirt bottom go well with a crisp, black top - I'm now trying to find an excuse to buy. ☺

Since the hue is inherently bright, make sure you don't wear the trend from top to bottom 0.0 Unless you want to look like Grimace, try to mix this with neutral colors. Camel brown, burgundy, black and whites are always reliable. The same is true for makeups. You can wear an ultra plum pout but keep the eyeshadow low key. When you wear that peep toe shoes above, make sure that all the other accessories are toned down. SOURCE.

We have two fashion inspirations! No less than the first lady of US of A and some Hollywood celebrities. You ready?

I love her dress on the center. I was not aware that a royal blue trench would go so well with the color. It's flattering. She's adorable. Very classy in her own right. SOURCE.

Source HERE. Can you believe it? Lady Gaga in a pastel gown? Now we've seen everything! That skater skirt combo over the top can be a booming trend. Lastly, this Ecru heels seem to be a fashion staple on pencil skirts lately. Hmm.. Now that we already have an idea on what's the next big thing in this world of color, let's ready, set, shop! Being a girl is FUN! -CMK


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