Friday, 20 December 2013


Christmas is just days away! Everybody's in an everyday Friday mode lately. There's this happy, kind feeling whenever Christmas is around the corner. What a sight to behold! :)

Okay, so being hair-free is a massive beauty buzz during summer (read: beach season), however, being smooth has become a standard of girl's hygiene in today's context (whether we admit the fact or not).

My dad has hair all over 0.0 And I'm equally cursed blessed too. While I appreciate how lavish my hair grows (I mean, head hair, that is), some parts have unwelcome growth. 

Number one spot goes on my upper and lower lip. At one point, it has become a mustache and the hair was getting thicker. I thank you technology for coming into a girl's life!

Some Background
It was years ago when I attempted to try the then-unconventional procedure of availing a laser treatment. I did my due diligence to research and ask my dermatologist what are the effects and all that jazz. Fortunately, my coarse thick hair become thinner by each session and the good news is... it's pain free. Ha!

How does it work?
You'll be led to a room where you need to expose the area to be treated. Next, Kim (my super favorite attendant) removed any dirt through sloshes of wet wipes. Then, she shaved the coarse hairs after which, applies a transparent, ice-cold jelly-like substance on the area (see the last picture on this post). Next, this white gun-shaped is clicked to emit pulses and magic! Unwanted hair = gone.This treatment can be done on all body parts except your eyebrows, obviously :)

Price Points and Quality
Price differs depending on the body part that you wish to get treated. You also have the option to get 5, 10 or avail of their lifetime treatment. Their best sellers are underarm, legs, brazillian and upper lip. As far as quality is concerned, I am a happy client of theirs. I've been their regular for more than 5 years and I only have good words for them. 
Kim is very flexible in terms of schedule. She has become a friend to me. I usually go there during mornings to avoid rush and maximize the calmness of the area. They have the nicest playlist (without words, only sounds). For complete Face & Skin Programs, visit their SITE.

Me, Only Better
I've always been an advocate of loving your own skin and body. And by loving, this means enhancing yours up to some extent. If it feels good and no harm is done, then, by all means do it. We only have one life to live - so we better enjoy it while we can. Attagirl! {insert groovy Z-snaps here} -CMK



  1. I want laser hair treatment for my legs. I got it from the Dad too.

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