Wednesday 13 November 2013


Some flashback: For the longest time, I have been canvassing for someone who can print a set of calling card for me. I've scoured the internet and even halls of Makati malls however, my mission was far from being accomplished. I once thought I saw the light via Brand A but they cost Php 550 for a few pieces, a bit much for me. Then there's this printing services via FB (let's call them Brand B), but I was dumbfounded when the tag totaled Php 800! 

I am not too picky on calling cards. I just want it simple, presentable and convey my contact details to the receiver - that's all. My prayers have been answered by IT'S PERSONAL! It was by accident that I discovered this treasure. While I was munching some MOCHI SWEETS (click HERE), I happen to roam around near MOA's Ice Skating Rink. Then I spotted this amazing personal merchandise haven!

And so after we watched KALOOBAN at CCP (which was so applause-worthy, by the way) I asked my ever nice friends to accompany me to IT'S PERSONAL! That would make my little wish come true! IT'S PERSONAL thought of practically everything. Notepad, stationery, sticker label, mouse pad, clock, coffee mug, pen, car sticker and more! I am the type that squeaks on anything dainty and lovely to look at - and so, this is like a candy store for yours truly! (cartwheel, skip!)

Price point for calling cards are Php 95.00 for 20 pieces. Paper and ink quality is nice. It serves its purpose plus the labels are super adorable! Before I continue to blab some more, here are some few easy steps to get your own CALLING CARD! PS: Say hello to Ate Jehan, Odil and Jumbo (thanks for snapping the photo ☺).

Step 1: I chose my animated self! You pick your clothes, your hairdo everything! There are so many to choose from. From jobs, hobbies, pets, etc. Your hair can be curly, straight, etc. I also wrote my contact information. Step 2: Geneva plotted my mini-self and information on the computer screen. She asked me to double check the whole thing. Step 3: Once approved, the whole thing was printed and cut electronically. Step 4: Tadahhh! Finished product!

Like many other things, calling cards are personal. And relative. What's costly for me might just be okay for you. And vice versa. I've heard people who's willing to shed a thousand of pesos for a bunch of calling cards - and that is okay. It's just a matter of perspective.

For me, IT'S PERSONAL! caters my purpose in a very stylish way. I like the fact that I can hand over cute pieces to my friends, clients and prospects for a little below a hundred pesos. The design is candid and I can personalize the logo plus the font and colors. It's more than enough for me :) I might come back for another bunch, this time with a more classic mini-me plus a more serious font style. The possibilities are endless! Like IT'S PERSONAL on Facebook, HERE. -CMK.


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