Friday 4 October 2013


It was 2011 when someone handed me a green and white bottle. I've been told that it has a name - SPA IN A BOTTLE. First you rub some 2-3 squirts between your hands. Then, inhale deep (closing one's eye is an option). It was genius, to say the least.

Fast forward 2013, there's a huge boom of environmental friendly enterprises, one of which ECHO STORE is a pioneer! I managed to sneak in their Serendra store while I waited for my friends. 

Their lighting was a soft, cozy one. Being a lover of white lights, I was a bit uncomfortable as I entered. However, the uneasiness dwindled away as I relaxed my shoulders a bit. In fairness, the lighting will put you in an "unhurried state", very nice! If you're wondering whether this green lover hub is worth a visit, read my: 


Reason 1: Honest Herbs
In the sea of herbs and teas, how can we be sure which ones taste good and of good quality? I am not sure, honestly. What I know is the colors of these boxes are appealing. Banaba, Pandan, Lemon or Guyabano? You decide. Trivia: Owners shared that they know the farmers who make and assemble these majestic teas like from tree to tea bag. Did somebody just mention "personal touch"?

Reason 2: Unusual Coffee Beans
I haven't captured the entire collection just the ones I find interesting. Soy, Corn and Rice coffee?! Will the possibilities ever end? Well, if the costliest coffee comes from the digested poop of a cat specie, I would say the possibilities are endless. I heard that the company supports Filipino suppliers. What more can we ask for, people? It's goodness in every side.

Reason 3: Beauty Products? Check!
Add laundry and germicidal products too! They supply Messy Bessy products too! Messy Bessy is another Filipino homegrown business that specializes on natural household cleaning products. That's just one of the many brands Echo Store is carrying. I've seen Theo and Philo (artisan chocolate brand) too. Going back, their beauty products section is a one-stop haven for all of us. Helping the green campaign has never been so kilig! Yes! :)

Reason 4: Meet their Best Seller Line
Body Basics Collection is one of their pioneer products. This is the one that has a SPA IN A BOTTLE invention. If you're in the mood of early Christmas Shopping, I suggest you spend your money on somewhere that will help our environment, Filipino community and has a superior quality like that of Body Basics.

Reason 5: Try Chicken Longanisa Pasta
It's Echo Cafe's take on Carbonara with a twist pasta. Price is Php 225+. One serving will leave you full, promise. I'd say the chicken longanisa is just right. Sauce is okay too. Honestly, there's nothing super special about it - except for the thought that you're eating a healthy version of this once-sinful pasta. 

Aaand... since Christmas is just around the corner, here's one of their interviews from ANC's Shop Talk. Enjoy! -CMK 


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