Friday 25 October 2013


YOUNG PROFESSIONALS WHO ARE STRESSED THE WHOLE WEEK ALERT! If you  are like many who are tired with the usual movie, eat out and mall type of hang outs, then you are in for a treat! I have compiled 3 weekend ideas that are out of the box. I will always love eating and shopping, of course coffee chat is on top of my weekend list too. It's just that there are times that I want to try something different. And something different we have here. Before we jump in, let me share with you my thoughts on why these activities are worth your time and buck:

♣ Your eyes deserve a break. Admit it. It's not everyday that we can feast our eyes on creative sights. Studies show that people who are exposed to "creative" stuff tend to be more smart and madiskarte
♣ How well do you know yourself? And by "yourself" I mean your culture?I heard an elderly said: "Kaya ligaw ang bayan na ito ay dahil hindi natin kilala ang sarili natin." 
♣ Have a good and relaxing time. Sure, you can do that too by watching a movie, but don't you feel an excitement to watch a play with the actors acting in the flesh (read: without cut).

KALOOBAN: Oneness of the Filipino Soul in Dance
This will be shown on November 9 and 10 (Sat and Sun) and will be held at Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). If you are familiar with SM Mall of Asia, getting at CCP will be an easy peasy. Tickets range from as high as Php 2,000 to as affordable as Php 200. Show will run for 2 hours approximately. If you are craving to see our country's long forgotten dances, you should not miss this! More details HERE.

Filipino Reader Conference 2013
Okay, let's remove the stigma of book lovers being all nerdy and dorky. Natalie Portman is a wide reader. Same with Gerald Butler (who's a lawyer, by the way). With these celebrities as showcases, we have no excuse not to love reading. It's nice to have a book in your hand every once so often. This event is a celebration of us loving to read anything that interests us. No limits!

The 3rd Filipino Reader Con: What Do Readers Want? is happening on November 9, 2013, at Rizal Library in Ateneo de Manila University. PS: I will be there as one of the book bloggers representative. Please tweet me (@callmekristine) and say HI when you got a chance :)

Maxie, The Musicale (Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo)
Heyyy! Now this is interesting! It will be my first time to watch something like this! And I am excited! Judging by the number of their sponsors and how many show dates there are... this is indeed a head turner! I will be supporting my good friend who's part of the cast. So, even if I am from south and the venue is ugh, somewhere north... let's PUSH this!

Guys, please note that there will be an adult content for this one. Look at the upper right part of the poster. Make sure you won't bring the young ones with you, okay? :)

That's about it. Don't just find time to relax, MAKE time to relax and try new things. That's part of being human, so they say. -CMK


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