Friday 11 October 2013


Everyone wants to chill in one form or another. It may be a quick coffee respite or something planned like an out of town vacation. Our country has been blessed with so many majestic sights to behold. You won't believe how much money people from other continents spend just to see our breath-taking beaches. I guess it's only proper for us locals to see and appreciate these sights as well.
Puerto Princesa, Palawan
This is probably one of the most celebrated local destinations recently. It cradles the Underground River, a member of the New 7 Wonders of the World! I need to say this: PALAWAN IS SO CLEAN. A far fetched cry from the cosmopolitan cities up north. Sands are so fine. Waters in blue and green. Food served fresh. You'll definitely have your well deserved rest in this island. To know more about the top things you can do in this majestic wonderland, visit my TOP 10 THINGS TO DO IN PALAWAN, HERE.

Bangui, Ilocos Norte
Alright, this may qualify as a THROWBACK THURSDAY picture, I know :) This was taken some years ago. We visited Bangui Windmills at Ilocos Norte. I've been there twice and both visits were equally fun. You can do interesting activities like sand surfing, ATV and many others. The place is not your usual beach and picture type of thing. I enjoyed the Pagudpud tour and stories about history too. Their empanadas are so yummmey! 

Catch my entry at CNN iREPORT: EYE ON THE PHILIPPINES, May of last year, HERE.

Palace in the Sky, Tagaytay
You've seen one too many post of my Tagaytay trips but I'll say it again... Only a few kilometers from the city, the cool breeze of this sanctuary is waiting for you. Palace in the Sky is one of the structures built by the Marcos Administration. Though today the old palace looks a bit dilapidated, you can still enjoy the freshness of the whole facade. If you want to just think and de-clutter your mind, this is can be your resting place.
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Magellan's Cross, Cebu
Since our third grade, we've been introduced by the famous cross and I think it's kind of cool to include "seeing Magellan's cross personally" in my travel to-do list. To tell you quite frankly, the cross is like any wooden crosses we see. I guess what makes it special is the thought that "this is the real thing" (or closest to the real one). Planning to visit the Queen City of South soon? Maybe this TOP 5 THINGS TO DO IN CEBU can give you a tip or two.

Whatever you do for a living, make it a point to ENJOY THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR at least once a year. Everybody deserves a break! -CMK


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