Wednesday 30 October 2013


Do you love to scribble notes? Admittedly, I am the type of person that will create a checklist in the morning and take joy in ticking them off one by one. 

Ever since I started working, I was on the lookout for that perfect planner (at least for me). Before, I would line up at a coffee shop for stamps. Planner from coffee houses are nice but it's not "that" me, if you know what I mean.

Then, a friend introduced me to Belle de Jour planner. Since 2009, the love affair continues. You may have noticed some relevant posts on this blog about this awesome planner:

BDJ 2013 PLANNER : A CLOSER LOOK  (Click HERE) | 2012 Belle de Jour Planner (Click HERE) | BELLE DE JOUR (BDJ) FAIR 2012  (Click HERE)

Let's meet Belle on our BELLE DE JOUR POWER PLANNER 2014

A Cover as Vibrant as Your Lifestyle
The Aztec prints and colorful fonts will definitely make you write more often! Overall design is so BDJ. The brand's creative team knows their job quite well. Like last years, they offer different covers. They have leather type, spring and this one. Having a sticky feature syndrome, I opt for the same finish. 

TIP: Remove all the coupons in one go and put it on a transparent plastic. It will remove the bulkiness of the planner by 30%, making it portable and bag-friendly.

Stickers and BDJ Card
To tell you honestly, I haven't used my BDJ 2013 card to date, so I'm indifferent whether this is useful to me. However, it being an eye candy makes a posh ruler or wallet decor if you like :) It's such a downer when I've been told that the notepads are now for sale (last 2011 they are free) - but it is what it is. Instead, I appreciate that they have free stickers now. They are so cute (for lack of the better, sufficient term).

TIP: BDJ has a monthly calendar view, right? Put stickers on extra special dates, for more emphasis. ☺ You won't forget your loved one's birthday again!

Let's check other exciting stuff to behold after the jump!

Coupons Galore
Regular coupons still graced the planner this year. Since 2009, I've got to use coupons for Ace Water Spa, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, The spa to name a few! I haven't taken a complete inventory of all the coupons just yet as I reserve this ritual on Christmas eve. You know the time when you're about to sleep but are still chatting, that's when I take out this planner and plan my eat-outs and purchases (starry eyed). 

TIP: Take stock of the coupons you probably use the next 4 weeks and insert those on your wallet. That is where the transparent coupon cover comes handy!

Power Articles
It is called a POWER PLANNER with a purpose. You bought a mini-book in a way. IN between pages, you'll find write-ups that you can very well relate to. From taking that giant leap on to a healthier body to empowering your self esteem, you've chosen the right planner, Bella!

TIP: Though the wardrobes are virtual sketches, I find them so trendy. You can make them your peg on your next OOTD post.

Who are you, years ago?
That is the ultimate purpose why I'm such an avid fan of journal writing. It's because I can see myself years ago. Somehow, it gives me a hindsight on how far I've become on each aspect of my life. Be it physically (menstrual cycle tracker), financially (budget templates), spiritually (I use this as my prayer scribble notes too) or what have yous. You can see yourself travailing through life, one day at a time.

 What are you expecting this 2014? -CMK.


  1. Great tool for people who would want to be organized and keep their finances aligned!

  2. I love planners! This is a perfect tool for me to organize things throughout my week. I have Starbucks now, but I had BDJ the year before!

  3. Is this available now at fullybooked, nbs, or in any bookstores? if you won't mind, you can email me at Thank you. :-)

    1. Hello Lady Ann! I believe it is available in NBS, Powerbooks and Fully Booked. I myself saw one at Power Books Greenbelt Branch :-) Emailed you these details too!

      You can also like @BDJBUZZ on Twitter for more news and updates. Cheers to 2014! ♥


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