Monday 23 September 2013


Like 99% of my posts in this blog, this piece is not sponsored. I write because I think this is worth sharing. ☺ Let me tell you how did I come to know this fun discovery. There are lifestyle shows that I am a fan of. 

Catch is, they are not that as popular to be included on pinoy-tv links. I'm happy with the youtube re-runs, however, they STOPPED posting their youtube replays.

What are those shows, you ask? Promise me you won't judge ☺Without further blahs and explanations, here they are! 

 ANC On The Money
I've stumbled upon this show through mommy. There I was, tinkering my keyboard when she stormed in my room saying: "Anak, look at this show, ang pogi ng host! Eto yung mga tipo mo!" Owh-key! Thanks mom, for knowing me too well. So moving on! (Bakit ba napunta dito?) Let's head over to the real meat.

I love the show for it being informative and easy to understand. I also found myself enrolling at Registered Financial Planner Philippines, as a starter. In the show, you'll find tips and newbie-friendly action items to keep you going. This is the show that stopped posting their Youtube reruns. Good news is they still publish their daily episodes via Iwantv. Photo Source: ANC On The Money Facebook Page.

The show airs once a week. It offers a fresh variety of businesses together with emerging entrepreneurs all over the metro. This is where I found JUJU EATS (Review HERE) among all other rare finds. I also adore how Ria speaks English so well. Her twangs is so sophisticated. But that's just an icing. She talks with substance and I love her dresses.
Show-wise, my entrepreneurial dreams are being awakened each time I see people braving the uncertainty of leaving big corporate slots in exchange of a business jungle journey. More often that not, it's worth it. And again, DOING WHAT YOU LOVE, is definitely a way to go.
 Green Living
In case the guy in black looks familiar, he's Mr. Sabado Night (if you remember). Nature and organic loving shows are rare cuts in our country's television industry. But I think this is one of the shows that can have an impact in your life. It stresses out how it feels good to exercise, how to chomp organic food (as opposed to junks) and the like. For travelers, it has a segment where it showcases establishments that can help people relax and be healthy. Photo Source: Green Living Facebook Page.

Is free?
For some shows, it is. For the shows listed above, it's not. I kinda felt sad when I noticed ANC On the Money reruns are not being posted on Youtube since last month. Then when I opened the iwantv site, it's asking me to log in each time I try to play the replay episodes.

Then I noticed that the site is tied up with Sky Cable. It's asking me for a Sky Cable Account Number and it so happen that we've been a subscriber since Year 2000. I entered some details, registered and then I received a text message from them (along with an email). Verified the code and whoah! I can now watch these shows whenever I want! This is a MAJOR happy thought guys! If you happen to be a Sky Cable subscriber... MUST TRY THIS. Next to iOS 7 update, this can impact your interactive life too! -CMK



  1. So sad that we are not sky cable subscriber. Cignal is much popular here in Cavite. (I think so!) any way thank you for sharing. :)

    1. I see... Hmm. If you have friends that don't use their Sky Cable on iwantv, I think that may be a good and fair alternative ;)

  2. I am a fan of ANC's On The Money and I have learned so much from this show.

    @babyni Rae, you can view this in Youtube.

    1. Hi Jean! Indeed.. Very inspiring and sensible! :) Apir!

  3. My wife and I watched all the episodes of On The Money. :) We're learning a lot from the show too. :)

  4. Awwww, are you still watching these shows' episodes?

    1. Hello Ems! I'm still watching ANC On The Money because the other 2 are not available in TFC (I'm in London now). Given a choice, I'd love to watch all of them! <3


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