Wednesday 4 September 2013


I've been using another product before, but for some reason, it went out of stock everywhere! Seeing that Block & White deo sprays are from Unilever, I took a hint and tried another product under the same brand. That's when I discovered DOVE Pure Spray variant. Price is Php 169.75 and it's available on your major beauty stores and supermarkets.


☺Promise of Purity. DOVE is saying NO to parabens, fragrance, colourants and alcohol. I surmise most products are better when used in their purest form, so hands down.  

Bigger than the rest of deo-spray types. It's 169 ml and heavier compared to its competitors. Which again links to the product's value for money over time.

☺Quality Nozzle. I'm very particular with this since we can't get much of pressurized substances without it. There's a rubber on top of the nozzle making it easier to squeeze to the left and to the right! Look at the last picture on this post.


☻48 hour promise? Not really. I noticed that the protection seems to fade after 30 hours. Which is not bad, of course. However, the promise printed on the tin can is somewhat misleading. Well, that's just me. 


This is a good alternative to the phased-out Block & White. Though, as a final thought, I am thinking of trying their original variant (one with the blue color). I've realized scented variants suit my chemistry well.

I've experienced no itch or irritation from then till now. It's also handy after a day at the gym or any other sweaty activities.

Deodorants are one of the many under-appreciated things to day. We can't see it yes, but when we forgot to apply them,  everybody may know (sniff, sniff). ☺ 

What's your deo?-CMK


  1. mine is skin white and I'm not encountering some problems :) I'm a dove deo user way back in high school and it gives a protection I need. I always bring with me the unscented one which has no alcohol and when our P.E. time is through, I always go the comfort room and you know what to do. Haha :) Dove is really a good product :)

  2. I have a dove deo, half emptied but I've never used it again after our training po in Tagaytay.

    And we've been evading products with parabens now a days, some scientists stated na it can cause cancer daw po, still not proven, pero magaling na rin ang nag-iingat di po ba? :D


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