Saturday 14 September 2013


Happy Thought: I got an invitation from one of the Reader Conference Organizations in Manila. I've been invited to share my recommended book list for my niche (bloggers / young professionals, commonly known as yuppies). It's an event that will happen sometime November 2013 at Ateneo de Manila University. I'm excited to share my book list with the participants. Yey! I'll let you know some more details soon.

Manila International Book Fair 2013 is still ongoing (till tomorrow). I hope you took some time to visit the fair. It's so much fun that I look forward to this event every September of each year. I dropped by at the event last Wednesday, some scoop HERE, and as promised I'll be sharing with you some all of the books (and magazines) I've purchased. I've broken them down into different segment so I can share my quick thoughts on each one.

BETTER THAN GOOD by Zig Ziglar. Zig was one of my inspirations when I was about to take my CPA board examination way back. If you've read his book, Something to Smile About, I'm sure you got encouraged. It's all about fighting a good fight and doing so with smile and integrity. 

9 to 5 MILLIONAIRE. Book was written by Leila Hernandez (see picture above). I saw her first when she graced ANC On The Money. Let's see how a regular employee get her millions and beyond! 

STOCK SMARTS by Marvin Germo. I'm sure you've seen him in one of various finance segments all over. He's nice and bubbly in person. I'm impressed on how he took a leap from IT to Financial Service industry.

I've chanced upon the Summit Media booth and found these 2 magazines appealing. I've been on the lookout for a business venture (other than paper assets) but I need to consider all angles before dipping into anything. I guess this Entrepreneur mag is a good way to warm up. For the Women's Health, well, here goes my fit-spiration since we're both big boned. If she did it, I believe I can. So help me, God.

You know one of my guilty pleasures! It's ARCHIE COMICS. Honestly, I find the Archie Married Life series a bit dragging (review HERE), so I'm just reverting to their high school era when things were warm and fuzzy. The dictionary was a freebie. I only noticed that when I took inventory of my shopping loot. Thanks National Bookstore!

 Another set of interesting flippers. RICH FOR LIFE was written by Dennis Sy. He's a pastor at Victory Christian Fellowship - Greenhills. He's funny by nature, but what I liked most is his approach. Upon skimming his book, I noticed that he introduces a holistic approach in terms of finances, that it's possible to be RICH both physically and spiritually. I'll keep you posted on what I've found out after reading the book.  

NO NONSENSE PERSONAL FINANCE by Randell Tiongson. I've met the guy a couple of times. Plus he's one of my mentors at Registered Financial Planner Philippines. First thing that I noticed is that the pages are glossy! Naks! I appreciate that the approach is newbie-friendly, it's less intimidating that way. What's nice is that the steps are sorta doable, but I'll validate that hunch once I'm done reading this.

HOW I HAD MY 1ST MILLION... by Chinkee Tan. I first saw him in person last Investment Conference (ICON) 2013, and he's full of punch lines. Heheh. I got curious how did he got rich and his reflection as he climb from one success ladder to another.

BEING THE BEST YOU CAN EVER BE by Francis Kong. Another favorite author. I like how he keeps things simple and easy to digest. His works are never wordy and he hits all the right points. This is his latest book as of press date. 

ALWAYS CHINK + (positive) got me at its tag line. How to Inspire Yourself to Inspire Others. Now, I gotta see this. I am not sure what the book is all about honestly, but this would make a great buddy specially if I'm at the coffee shop alone. RICH GOD POOR GOD I believe was inspired (the title, at the very least) by Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Both books are written by Chinkee Tan.

Some more interesting finds! I told you that these bunch will keep me going for a year. Truth be told, I have a very minimal introduction with these bunch. I may even go through length of saying this might be an impulsive purchase since they all retail for Php 100. I'll let you know if these are good buys (or otherwise). Meantime, I think I'll start reading now. -CMK



  1. That is a lot of books. Most of the titles are interesting. What is about rich God poor God? Business din po ba yun or Christian book? I have read the rich dad poor dad. And it really inspired me na palguin ung asset account ko. Haha.. ;) books are really fun to read especially pag nakakarelate ka. :)

  2. Wow! A lot of great books. Francis Kong & Chinkee Tan are my fave. Hmmm... Looking for a business venture other than paper assets? How about Law of Leverage by Rane Panaligan for an overview/insight of mlm? A hard to find copy though.

  3. @ BabyniRae - I think Rich God Poor God is a mixture of both practical and spiritual tips from Chinkee.

    @ Kritz - yes it is. And I'm only on my second book actually. Enjoying the journey though :) Re: Law of Leverage - I have no idea to be honest :) Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Hi, Girl! Are the prices of the books the same when you buy it at the book fair and in the bookstores or they have discounts at the book fair?


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