Friday 27 September 2013


Located within the heart of Tagaytay, BAG OF BEANS will give you yet another good reason to inhale a fresh air and catch up with your loved ones asap! I'm sure pictures on today's post will make you drool but let's discuss these yummies a little bit more. Shall we?

As you are well aware, specially if you're a regular on CMK EATS series, I have made a couple of reviews about Bag of Beans (latest HERE). Truth be told, long before I started blogging, going at Bag of Beans (at least twice a year) has been a family ritual ever since. 

I've come up with a JUST DESSERTS edition so we'll skip raving about the ambiance, main courses and the like for now. Sooo, let's go on and start with the yummy list:

To say it's delicious won't do any justice to this masterpiece! For about Php 170 (approx), you can sink in your teeth with an ICE-CREAM like creation. The blueberries are too good to be true. Their syrup is just right, it glides with the mixture of graham base so well. This is their best seller. Some says that the reason they braved the road to the South is for them to indulge with this cheesecake that, contrary to its name, won't make you blue.

A cousin of blueberry cheesecake, this caters to those people who like a sweet, tangy concoction. It's my first time to try this one since Blueberry is more hyped, but this is as good! In fact, I tend to like it better since it's not too sweet plus it's more imagine-able to have fresh strawberries here in our country rather than blueberries. Hands down, this is a must try!

Theirs is a class of its own. I've never slurped a chocolate mousse as rich as this! It's made out of a pure cocoa (my novice cuisine instinct tells me so) and it spells a pure, "this-is-heaven" kind of perfection. Chocolate lovers will adore this. For all others, I think this will be too overpowering. This dessert is best to be shared.

And when they said unlimited, they meant the very word. You have the option to add Php 25 and you'll have your unlimited brewed coffee to your heart's content. Their brewed coffee is distinctly rich albeit bitter. It's a perfect sip to those who don't like creamy ones (me, included). I'd say I didn't maximize the unlimited version in fear of palpitation. Yes, the impulsive stint got the best of me. Note to self: 1 full cup is enough. 

I always leave the shop with Hazelnut Coffee Beans on my bag. The big wide smile said it all. I had a grand time indulging at this happy place. I hate to be a party pooper, but let me add a gentle reminder to go easy on sweets. You can celebrate once in a while, but remember to balance everything whenever you have the chance. For now, I think I'll be coming back after I hit my fitness goal. As they say, TOO MUCH OF SOMETHING IS BAD ENOUGH. -CMK



  1. having coffee on a cold, wonderful place. That is such an amazing place and the food is so mouth watering! Especially that blueberry ans strawberry cheesecake! Benn craving for that for weeks now! :( it made me drool!:D

  2. Blueberry cheesecake= stress reliever :) oh so yummy.


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