Monday 19 August 2013


When the lovely sales lady handed me this gift with purchase (GWP) item, I rolled the tube to see what color this Estee Lauder lipstick holds. I did that exactly and found a white ecru shade. "Err, what is this again?" I politely asked. She mentioned about one makeup item I heard for the first time: Lip Conditioner. 

You see, the reason I'm not uber confident to be called a ba-yu-ti (beauty) blogger is that I know deep inside that I have a loooot of things I don't know yet, but nonetheless, I am a self confessed beauty lover so never mind the play with words. We love all things beautiful. Yun na! :) 

Estee Lauder Lip Conditioner
Available at: Estee Lauder Counters (got mine from 
Duty Free Philippines, Paranaque)
Price: $16.00 approx (Php 700++) 
* This is a gift with purchase. I specifically bought Estee Lauder in Pleasure and Bloom.

☺Moisturizing Agent. Since this is the age of matte lipsticks, our lips need extra TLC to prevent them from drying.

☺Dual purpose. A soothing moisture treat for your lips. Apply under lipstick as hydrating base coat, or wear overnight as an intensive treatment. (Source)

☺Packaging and scent. Typical Estee Lauder. Top of the line sophistication coupled with faint flowery scent. No overpowering scent though. 

☻Price. I think the price is too much for a colorless product. However, if your lips is in dire need of hydration, you might as well pay the tab.


I'd be honest. I can't see myself shelling out this much for an add-on lip base. However, I am super grateful that I had the privilege of savoring how good an EL lip conditioner is. -CMK


  1. I love the Nivea Essential Lip Care. It is the blue tube. It is the best I tried to condition my lips, and won't hurt my pocket. :)

  2. Lip conditioner? New to my ears! It's more of a lip balm/moisturizer po right? This one has SPF15, not bad actually, if we talked about Estee Lauder, kaso nga lang po, they're pricey since then.

  3. If im rich,i definitely buy lip balms like this. :) but since im not, im contented with baby lips and carmex. But if someone would give this to me, i might open up a blog and give reviews to this! :))


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