Friday 23 August 2013


Have you experienced a Last Song Syndrome (LSS) on Malaysia, Truly Asia's jingle? I did. And I am glad that I've set my foot in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for the first time! Different personalities have different ideas on how ideal travel should feel like. For us, our main goal is to relax and enjoy what our itinerary can accommodate. We didn't dare to even think of rummaging the whole place because it kinda defeats the "to relax and have a good time" purpose. Yes?

Experience their metros
First order of the day, ride their monorails. Because we are WEIRD like that! :)) Seriously, KL has 8 metros and traveling all over the place is relatively easy, even for newbies. They have a touch screen machine where you can insert designated coins and bills, press where do you wanna go and a token (plastic chip) will come out.

Fare is cheap compared to Manila and their trains are spacious. I definitely had a good time hopping from station to station as compared to Bangkok (HERE) since there's less traffic in KL.

Say Hello! to the Famous Petronas Twin Tower
We would not miss this for the world! Truth be told, there's nothing magnanimous about the tower (me thinks). It resembles RCBC Plaza or The Enterprise Center from the outside. Nonetheless, Maya and I had this "Ah, Ito pala yun!" moment. Another challenge we experienced? The lighting! It seems that each angle is against the light.

Simple as it may seem, looking at the tower reminds me on how stable Malaysian economy is. I'm happy for our fellow men living on this side of earth.

Enjoy An Casa Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Commown! I love, love, love this hotel. It only costs us Php 1,000 a day (if I remember it right!) but the whole place is a haven for tired feet and body! I once thought that I'd have a hard time sleeping but whoala, 5 mins after my body hit the bed... there came a Zzzz sound! 

Buffet breakfast was yummy and filling. I particularly adored their chicken with gata (coconut milk) made spicy, fruits and yogurt. Their coffee was not that strong though. Their cable channels are limited but again their Char Kuey Teow (Malaysian version of Pad Thai) was so delicious. The minute we put down our luggage, I ordered a room service because I was so hungry!

Place was accessible to their China Town and metro station. There's also a Nando's Chicken  (a famous chicken restaurant) nearby. I give my two thumbs up for An Casa Hotel!

Slurp a Smoothie at Boost, Berjaya Mall
Maya has to go somewhere and since we can't text, we decided to meet here at the BOOST. It's a smoothie bar with lots of choices to drool from. I chose Choco-Banana smoothie but instead of vanilla yogurt, I asked to put strawberry yogurt instead. Result? Fruity and yummy concoction. BUT... There's a catch. Find out after the jump!

I needed to go to the nearest toilet about 15 minutes after I gulped them all. And guess what?! The ladies room was closed for cleaning. Good thing, there's a toilet for PWD (person with disability). Geez, maybe I should stay away from 'adventurous' drinks next time.

Relax at one of their Water Parks
Being a tropical country, Malaysia also had their share of heat waves. July was practically a humid season in KL. I noticed there was a lot of tourists enjoying the water and sunshine at the same time. While Maya and I were finding a big tree shade, these kids put off their shoes at once and play in the sun. Since this is our first stop for the day, we can't get wet even if we love to!

We stayed under the shade laughing and making fun of ourselves. Discussing issues that we rarely bare, that was one refreshing BFF talk, really. We need to do that more often. Both the talks and the travels. Hah!

So there, the first part of our travel chronicles to Malaysia. I'll be posting our experience in Batu Cave plus other fun times soon! Hay! Thank you Lord for we got that much needed Rest & Relaxation plus some cool shopping haul during the travel (click HERE). -CMK



  1. Hehe, I wanna experience that LSS too Miss K, maybe, somewhere in Korea :D

    Relaxing is a must whenever travelling abroad, or even local. Yum for the spicy chicken curry! <3 I'm a sucker of ginataan too! Good to hear you did enjoyed your stay in Malaysia :D

    Can't wait for the other part of your adventure!

  2. Thanks Tine for this one. This blog of yours gives me a glimpse of what to expect on my KL trip. Uber thanks for the tips. I'll be looking forward to your SG adventure. :D


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