Wednesday 7 August 2013


Though I know that VNC and Charles & Keith are the famous local brands at Malaysia and Singapore, respectively, I had no clear-cut expectations on what to shop specifically. Life's full of surprises indeed. I ended up going home with extra-money plus an all-white (almost) haul from my recent trip!

Here's a simple round-up of what I bought with their approximate prices (from L to R).
* VNC (Vincci) flats for 21 Malaysia Ringgit - less than Php 300.
* Charles & Keith foldback wallet - Php 1,200
VNC (Vincci) watch for Php 550.
* Estee Lauder Dual Perfume (30 ml each) for Php 2,800 (Duty Free PH)
* Estee Lauder Lip Conditioner SPF 15 (free)

Truth be told, my CLINIQUE perfumes (HERE) from my last trip to Bangkok haven't been all used up yet. However, I felt compelled to buy Estee Lauder's (EL) pair of perfume since mommy wants the EL Pleasures in Bloom variant. 

I bought the watch just because it's white. And big. While the wallet is the most justified purchase amongst my loot. You should see how dilapidated my wallet was. One look and you'll agree that it's time to change my red money-holder.

On the other hand, I'm looking forward to test-walk the birkenstock-like VNC from KL. That was a real steal compared to the hefty tags from VNC in Manila. VNC is super affordable in KL. Rumor has it. 

I went home satisfied with my unexpected loots as compared when I visited BKK. When I did rummage most Bangkok malls, I felt sad because I thought I'll be hoarding dress and stuff. Poof. Sizes are for petite ones only. Wahh! And so, allow me to introduce my new peg: No expectations. I think when you have no expectations at all, life will surprise you on what you just might get :) -CMK.


  1. This post is really nice ;). I'll be KL ang SG bound early next year with my friends... Can you have more post about your trip.. so I'll have an idea on what to eat,do,go in there.. thanks.. Muah!


  2. I am planning to go to Malaysia next time. Singapore's unpredictable weather is a turn-off for me when I went there.

  3. I like EL Sensuous! :D Pero hindi ko pa po naamoy yung Pleasures, pero sabi nga po nila mabango daw yun. :D Lovin' your white haul Miss K! :D


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