Friday 12 July 2013


The 26 weeks of 2013 came by so quickly. Maybe faster than a blink. I'd like to think of the adage that says: When you enjoy life, time goes by so swiftly.

I was scrolling my social media feed when I got struck by this poster. As with all other 20-something gals, I am worried, upset, anxious, thoughtful about so many things. So much that I forgot to say THANK YOU for all the good things that happened this half-year.

You see, an attitude of gratitude is not innate on mortals. Case in point: White Paper. Red Dot. What do you see first? Normals will admit it's the red dot rather than the fine white paper. We can get away by saying we humans are wired to be like that, but I'd say whatever makes us happier is worth trying. 

I bet that counting the bad times won't make us any happier, don't you think? With that, I call to mind the 3 things that matter to me. And say a heartfelt thank you for that. And mean it!

THANK YOU #1: JESUS. My personal relationship with Him is to infinity and beyond. I don't know, but HE LOVES ME. DESPITE THE FACT THAT I FAIL HIM EVERYDAY. 

Maluluma ang millions and trillions if I am to count how many times I've failed the One who loved me most. Mysteriously, He still does. I can facepalm for life whenever I recall how many times I threw a heartless, cold conversation at Him.

I've realized that this is my top 1 thing to be thankful for. That I have a hand to hold each time anxiety creeps in. Because He who promises is faithful.

His promise? 
That HE KNOWS THE PLANS HE HAS FOR ME. PLANS TO PROSPER ME AND NOT TO HARM ME. PLANS TO GIVE ME A HOPE AND A GOOD FUTURE. --How in the world could I forget to say SALAMAT for this overwhelmingly good promise? (paraphrased from Jeremiah 29:11)

We recently had a family reunion in Tagaytay and I've been reminded how grateful I am to have a family on whom I can say: "I belong here!". Trivial things in life makes us forget things that are important. Family is one of them. Friends also. If I were to put a collage showing all my friends, I might be in trouble. Why? Because they are so many and one fatal mistake of not including a pic might spur a friendly tampo. So I'd dare not! ☺ Watching a movie, going to theme parks, even attending an investment seminar is much happier with someone you love. 

I do not see anything special in me that made me deserve all the good people in my life. Be it laughing till my stomach aches or crying till my eyes bulge - it's always a therapy with these lovely people around. And for this, I give thanks.


My life is far from perfect. I've had challenges here and there but this I'm sure of: Positives far outweigh the negatives. That when I look behind, it's a good life after all. It's rare that you have a job you truly love, in-and-out of country travels, a ministry you can cultivate, a bunch of students to impart your knowledge to, a blog where you can unleash your thoughts, mentors that you can run for advice, mornings when you can drink a cup of brewed coffee... practically, a pretty quirky, ordinary life. 

Like what I always heard when I was in Grade 1, the real path to happiness is J.O.Y. which translates to JESUS. OTHERS. YOU. Now, I remember! On my 20-something-th year, I now come back with the truth I know decades ago. And this still holds true. That real happiness does not lie on material things. That no matter how sparkly and grand those things are, they cannot love you back. They can't hug you or tickle you when you need it the most. Now, it's much clearer to me.

What are the things you should be thankful for? -CMK



  1. I thank God for giving me this life! Ofcourse my family! I can't imagine my life without them. Hayyy.

  2. Time really flies by so fast and minsan nakakalimot din akong magpasalamat sa lahat ng nangyari -- either good or bad. Thanks for this post of yours Ate, it reminds me to be thankful for every little thing. We're half way through the year. Cheers to another great half! :)

  3. Before any related comment on this post, I noticed something. I've been an avid fan+reader of your blog for almost 2 months now Miss K, pero ngayon ko lang po talaga siya napansin. You've been posting great food posts on your blog pero it's not included on your navigation, hmmm.

  4. Ay! found it already Miss K, under the label reviews po pala, hihi. kala ko kasi beauty product reviews lang yun eh :/ my bad.

  5. Ok, here's the real thing. mehehe. sorry po hah, naspam ko ata yung comment box mo. :P

    -> White paper, red dot. Trulalue. Human minds were set to be like that. We always seek for imperfections, faults, or any worse things rather than those great things happening to us. :/

    -> Jeremiah 29:11 is a very touching bible text. :) And according to my studies+researches, it's not Jesus who uttered such words, but his FATHER. :) (Reference: John 3:16) which means we have someone who has to be more thankful before Jesus. :)

    -> With the quotation "Home is where the heart is", means without our family, we're nothing. :) That's why my friends is my family and my family is my friends :D And I'm so envious about the reunion in Tagatay! :D


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