Wednesday 5 June 2013


There's always that scene in your life when you thought of thousand 'what-ifs' while staring blankly. That on the outside it seems like you're a calm swan but on the inside your flapping your emotions like a wild duckling. 

The thought of people going away paralyzes me. I've been so complacent the past years and it's unbearable to look at goodbyes face to face.That I can't do the same activity (with the same people) ever again. This is an instant tear-jerker for me.

Still numb with surging emotions, I know this is GOD's way of reminding me the practical application of this ancient commandment: YOU SHALL HAVE NO OTHER GOD BEFORE ME. I thought that in one way or another, this complacency has become a little god. That I felt a fake feeling of invincibility, necessitating a wake-up slap saying: 

"HEY! People and things, come and go, just so you know!"

Maybe, the trouble with comfort zones is that
they're difficult to leave behind.  
That's why you need somebody bigger than you just
 in case time and chance push you to that stark 'till-we-meet-again' portion. 

I came to realize that only with HIM, will I be truly invincible. 
Strong, even outside the comfort zone, because suddenly, 
the zone is not a place anymore. 
It's the presence of HIM who redeemed me even 
when I am an ungrateful, sloppy sinner. 
Rumor has it. IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU. ☺-CMK.

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  1. I feel this way a lot, letting go of people is hard. But when you realize that you have God by your side, life is better & then you don't feel bad anymore. :)


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