Tuesday 18 June 2013


I've been road testing these products in about 2 months from now. It all happened when I decided to switch products due to one obvious reason: Falling Hair. It's not that shock-of-your-life falling hair in big bunches, yet it alarmed me. That plus the incessant whining of daddy  constantly reminding me that I have falling hair. Yes, sometimes he mingles with my hair woes. (Happy Dads Day to all your daddies!) Let's get on to the review in narrative form, for a change. 

Dove Hair Fall Rescue System has a shampoo, daily treatment conditioner and serum (I opted to use the Nourishing Oil instead of the Hair Fall variant). Don't confuse the greens with the browns packaging. Brown is the old one, green is the latest. That's what the trusty sales lady told me.

That all set, let's start with the shampoo. Texture and odor is no extra-ordinary. What I noticed is after 3 weeks of using it, bunches of hair left on the shower floor is diminishing.

Well, you know the rule on salon-treated hair. Specially for colored hair - that you DON'T use shampoo everyday to prevent premature fading. Gawsh. Being a girl is a science by itself. Woot!

I personally use shampoo 3 to 4 times a week. Can't skip this the entire week as shampoos act as germicidal agents too. Skipping it for too long might cause dandruff, and we all abhor those white flakes. 

Bigger bottles are more economical. I'd rather not show the formula in fear that  you'll close this page ☺. Yet, if you're OC enough, you'll end up saving more by getting a bigger bottle. Packaging is nice too though sachets are strongly encouraged when you're traveling to save luggage space.

Next up is Dove's Daily Treatment Conditioner. The leftmost part is their regular conditioner while the middle and right tubes have something special in them. They have a mixture that's different. Think candy canes with red and white twisted combination.

Only difference is Dove has white and yellowish mixture. I understand the white part is the conditioner and the yellow part is the hair mask component.

I use this everyday to tame my crowning glory. After weeks of usage, hair volume improves. To start with, my hair is fluffy but the strands are getting thinner. That, I believe, is being addressed too by the product. I love this gem's smell and the fact that it won't take forever to rinse them off completely. Make sure you soak and let the product settle for at least 10 mins (okay 5, if you don't have enough time) so you'll maximize its softening prowess.

Here comes my favorite amongst them all!


Dove's Nourishing Oil Care. (Php 200 approx). I also made a shift on my oil serum product. I was using another brand before, way cheaper than Dove. Then I thought, what if that product also contributes to my hair count loss meter? Might as well hit all angles in one go! And so I changed. I noticed that the oil is more concentrated and very lightweight. From that moment on, I've been using this beauty every single day.

Overall, I'm satisfied with what the product has to offer. It promises controlled hair fall episodes and it delivers. I also love the fact that they're using closer-to-reality models instead of too-good-to-true ladies with 100% smooth, picturesque hair. It empowers women to know that "Dove Hair" is achievable, hence I LOVE IT! What are your thoughts, ladies? -CMK.


  1. Dove is my favorite shampoo! Will try the oil serum soon! ☺

  2. Price is cheap for a good product@ nice one Dove

  3. I use Dove's soap, shampoo and even deo, so can I consider myself a Dove girl? Hihi. Btw Miss K, have you watched Dove's ad on youtube before? it's very touching and embarrassingly, it made me burst in tears. Ok, enough with my unrelated comment :P

    All honestly, I never tried Dove serum (minus Dove girl point). If you're applying it everyday, Doesn't it make your scalp so oily?

    1. Hi Lady - I don't apply the serum into my scalp. It's typically from 1 inch after my scalp down thru the tip :)

    2. Aigoo, ganon pala po paggamit nun. :P Pero yung Dove tonic po, yun ba yung sa scalp talaga?

    3. Btw, you can call me Myx Miss K :D Have a great weekend! :)

  4. Dove is definitely my favorite shampoo! but I haven`t tried the oil yet. will try it soon :)

  5. Dove is one of my favorite shampoo & conditioner. My hair smells so good whenever I use it :)

  6. Hi Kristine,

    You saved money by using Dove oil serum because it is concentrated, compared to your previous brand.

    ~Pauline @Kallony


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