Friday 7 June 2013


Check out Tips 1 to 5, HERE. 6. Create a "things to bring list". Include a buddy bag on the list. You know those bags where you put across over your shoulders so that the purse is in front of you? It's safe specially on crowded market places. Also, plan your wardrobe.

7. Verify your transportation. Critical, as always, is your ride from airport to your destination of choice. Thing with air fare deals is that their ETA is at times out of this world. I'll be touching down soon (safely, God's willing) at Singapore soon at around 1:00 am (no more public transportation during these hours, I heard). Planning the trip (see tip #1) means making sure that you have an idea what cab fares range is.

8. Try to live like locals do. I personally would like to have a feel on how do people live in this side of the world. It amazes me that we are all looking up on the same moon at night, wherever continent we may be. The thought of the nice gentleman brewing my coffee in Dunkin' Donuts Seoul still lingers. As well as the humongous serving of Pasta on my favorite place in Czech Republic.  Most specially, the pleasant receptionist from Hotel Belgicka by the name of Kristina. I thank the Lord each time I think of her. She's my first friend in Prague.

9. Write down your expenses. Unless money is no object, we need to tighten our wallet zips a bit. Reality will bite us on our butt if we haplessly spend all our money on the trip. Best to plan your expenses from the get-go, if not possible (or you find this very dragging), make it a point to list your expenses everytime money goes out of your pocket. Make a mental estimate on what you can or cannot buy. As much as we want to lose ourselves traveling forever, we need cash to sustain this dream. You can make this your goal and start saving too! Very good motivation. I mean, VERY GOOD.

10. Check-in early. I travel to relax. And you can't relax when you're running all over the tarmac wiggling your ticket and shouting 'wait for me'. We've had one of those moments and I vow 'never again'. However, that feeling was washed away completely as soon as the plane touched down to another land. Travel bug won again. If it's indeed an infection, I'm a happy victim.

 If you're still thinking about this or that... 
hey, book that ticket, get excited and TRAVEL! -CMK

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  1. thanks for the tips Miss K :) Mom keeps on telling me to jot down every single item to bring here and there. So when I had my OJT in Tagaytay, I brought almost everything with me. :P

    1. Haha.That's cute! At least you get to bring all the things you need. :D

    2. yes Miss K, tabo, timba, palanggana, sampayan, extension, rice cooker, name it, I have it, all written in 2 sheets of paper. haha!

  2. Gersie Plaza Verin13 June 2013 at 08:44

    Nice tips :) Uhm do you have any tips on what to do and/ what to eat in Davao? me and and my office mates are going to davao next month.. any insites? :D

    1. Hello Gers! :) Oooh! Haven't been to Davao. But it's known daw for shopping and adventures of various sorts >:) ENJOY! I see that the travel bug bit you!

    2. Gersie Plaza Verin17 June 2013 at 04:52

      hahahaha yess ate.. ngaun parang i really want to save money and go on travelling different places. parang paid off yung pagod mo sa pag wwork pag ganun :)

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  4. When we run our barkada trip, for 3 years already, we always experience problems with transportation. None of us has a van that would fit us all. We're like almost 20ppl. We always end up contacting jeepneys, the long ones, day before the trip so it would fit us and our stuffs, too. Besides, it's cheaper than airconditioned vans. But the last time we had a long ride trip from San Juan City - Laiya, Batangas, we felt uncomfy and even more tired than the swimming part itself. Can you recommend any van for rent?

  5. Thanks for the tips Ate Kristine! This is very helpful. And I will surely keep this all in mind :)


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