Thursday 9 May 2013


Are you the adventurous type? One who's willing to try and modify your beauty products? I've had the chance to try out a recent product, as part of my monthly Saladbox goodies. That's the upside of subscribing to beauty boxes, you get to try the product first at a lower cost. It took me a quarter to release my review as I'd like to see the effect on me. In case you haven't met Ysabel's Daughter, let me introduce you to her:

PRODUCT: Ysabel's Daughter Revitalizing Facial Serum
PRICE: Php 950 for 30 ml
GOT IT FROM: Saladbox (HERE)

☺No Alcohol. I'm happy that my face pores won't sip any alcohol upon application. 
Since alcohol contributes to our face's drying sensation, it's definitely a no-no.
☺Lavender Infused. Psychological or not, we've been told that 
this substance can transport you to a dream land in no time soon. 
With a lavender extract, our beauty sleep is now a sure thing.
☺Semi matte packaging. I must say that I'm impressed with the bottle.
For a new comer, it must have cost a bit to have a bottle as neat as this.

Disclaimer: This is my personal experience after using the product. I'm not saying that the same will happen to you dear. ☺ That said, I'll set the record straight, I got mini-pimples after I used this. It feels like the substance is so concentrated that I sense the need to wash my face but I didn't. Morning after - surprise! Little pimples are peeking. In fairness, there are people who fell in love with this serum, maybe I'm not just hiyang.

In case you feel adventurous to brave a new product, suit yourself. But with the price factor - you may want to try other products for comparison purposes. Thankfully, the little breakouts have long been vanished, but I'm honest enough to tell you that I've discontinued using it for obvious reasons.

I have a combination skin (or that's what I've been told) - so if you have the same skin type, let me know if we got the same experience. What's your take on trying new beauty products? -CMK


  1. Do you think the pimples were just a part of how it works? Or was it really just your skin reaction?:)

    1. Hey Christine. To be honest - I'm not sure. But I guess di lang talaga ako hiyang sa madyadong concentrated substances :)

  2. I have an oily skin type Miss K and very sensitive too. And in that case, I don't usually try recent products, and I'm not into serums, even in hair XD

  3. And it's costly, good thing mura siya kapag po kasama sa Saladbox :) Gusto ko po magtry sa mga ganung subscriptions :)


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