Tuesday 21 May 2013


To be genuinely yourself, wear whatever pleases you and laugh at the silliest jokes are blessings by themselves. I was recalling my past life waaay back. I mean, it's not a bad life altogether, but it's more of a tight life, if you may. BEFORE: I thought that make-ups, colored hair and shorts were only for girls living on a red light district. And years after... lo and behold! I look at my face (there's make-up), my hair (beaming brown) and outfit (wearing shorts when situations call for it). 

And then I blab: What was I thinking before?! I am such a narcissistic pharisee (in thought) indeed! Perhaps it's a culture, or some group of people who surrounded me that time. Again, being ultra-conservative is not a bad perspective overall. Just make sure that you're not living somebody elses' life when you embrace it. In my case, when I look deep down, I am not happy with all these stage acts.
NOW: I am overjoyed that I can be myself and don't give a care on whatever people think (as long as I know my boundaries). Wear whatever you want. Sing whatever song you like. Be friends with people whom you are truly at ease. Life is too short to live in somebody else's script. It's such a beautiful life to behold. Be YOU. A good, better and eventually BEST version of YOU (no less).

If you are torn between gray areas of being "godly" or "politically correct" - remember that EVEN JESUS freely gives grace to everyone. He didn't come to condemn people so much so that He's been called by the pharisees "A Friend of Sinners." I'm glad He loves sinners because I'm one!

I believe that having a colored hair or donning a red nail polish won't offend our Savior. He might get offended more on self-righteousness and judgmentalism (me thinks). What do you think? -CMK


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  1. I think the Lord wouldn't mind the colored hair or the red nails because He wants us to do whatever we want & to be whoever we want to be. Except being a bad person: judging others, doing bad stuffs -- I think that is the time he would get offended.


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