Friday 31 May 2013


There was a point in my life when I thought traveling is just a waste of time, money and energy. NOT UNTIL I PACKED MY FIRST SUITCASE AND STEPPED MY FEET ONTO A NEW LAND. That instant, my perspective changed. 

Traveling makes you appreciate life even more. I didn't get that from any other experience, honestly. It just balances everything out.

I have been grateful to dip my toes into some parts of the Philippines (locally), Asia and a country in Europe. Most of these tips I have learned personally. Be with me as I give you my...


1. Plan your itinerary. Studies say that planning your trip gives you a different kind of high. It is the same high that you'll experience on the actual trip itself. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO DO during your trip. Plan your leaves and let it be your motivation whenever you feel exhausted. Plan so that you can allot more time and money on activities you want to experience most. 

2. Choose Low Key Hotels. As opposed to high-end ones. I assume you are there to go out and not stay on your hotel room, right? If you'll only spend 6-8 hours a day to sleep on your room, might as well use your extra stash  on other fun stuff.

 3. Bring your passports with you. Always. I had some issue withdrawing my money from Western Union in Europe because I don't have my original passport. Remember that your passport is your most (if not only) valid identity abroad. Bringing them with you would be very convenient and safe. PS: Be mindful not to misplace it. Or else, stress alert!

4. Call your credit card company. Tell them you'll be traveling between these dates. I've shared this with you on a separate post (click HERE), but yes. I would have ended up as a pauper in Netherlands airport if not for my good friend's advice. Note though that banks charge higher for out of country swipes. I've got credit card statement to show you what Longchamp bags can do.

5. Mind your baggage allowance. My highest damage to take this lesson to heart? Php 7,500. On Prague airport, I was dumbfounded when I saw this additional charge. Another tip is when you have winter clothing on your luggage, best to leave more room in advance. There are times that you can smile your way through it - in fairness. When my friends and I went to Korea, we hoarded make-ups, the young airline lady waived our fee. The power of smile! ☺

Stay tuned for the next 5 tips! Do you love traveling? I do! -CMK


  1. true, when travelling abroad, one should really get ready of his/her itinerary, well, even in local trips, to save time, energy and of course, money. When one's in a trip, he/she spends so much, one to be observed. Another thing is, if someone has a friend in a place where she/he'll be heading, better to stay on their houses, call them in advance, that's how Mom budgeted allowances in our local trips :D haven't visit other countries pa Miss K eh :) well, dadating din tayo diyan :D *hoping*

  2. I love travelling, especially to faraway place, kahit na dito lang sa Philippines. We have so many great places to visit here :) This 5 tips are really helpful. We should also prepare the budget. Mahirap ng magkulang :)


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