Friday 24 May 2013


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Change of scenery within the heart of the city. Sometimes that's all you want when you don't have time and money to travel far, far, away. Yet, you still want to rest and enjoy a quality time with  your loved ones. 

Contrary to conventional holiday tradition, our family usually spends Christmas Eves in a hotel. It's one of our sacred days when we chat, eat and do things together until Christmas day. Not that we're wanton spenders, I firmly believe a once-a-year city getaway is just fine to have some quality time. 

This post is obviously mega-late, but just in case you want to explore a hotel within the city, this review is for you! 

Hotel Name: Microtel Mall of Asia
Address: Coral Way cor. Seaside Blvd. 
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City 1308

Room Type: Double Room Sunset View
Got it from: Microtel MOA (directly)
Total Charge: Php 5,900.00


☺Lush View. Green and blue hues on a Christmas morning? Hah. I like the fact that they have breath-taking views like these. Sure it's not as grand as Boracay or Palawan facade, but admit it - you sometimes miss to stare blankly at clear skies and think so many thoughts about life.

 ☺ Malls and Restaurants Accessibility. Hotel is literally a walking distance to SM Mall of Asia, Vikings, MOA Eye and others. Last year's Christmas Eve, Jay and I had a fix of Jamba Juice. We got so full that we ended up not having a Noche Buena (we're weird like that!). Also - we tried the VIKINGS RIDES and MOA EYE. I love the thrill on the vikings escapade. Wee. My favorite ride in Enchanted Kingdom is Anchor's Away. They're kind of similar.

☺ Standard Furniture and Fixtures. As much as possible, I do choose simple amenities over ones with grandeur touches. Upon entering, we have been greeted by the MOA Eye view. There's a flat screen TV and a little fridge. A study table for one and since I'm a paper-and-pen kind of girl, I appreciate the fact that they have a set handy. Sala set below is their lobby. Their beds are just right. It's not 100% cotton thread but its plush enough to lend you a cozy sleep. They also have a pool (of which I didn't see because our itinerary was full).


☻Comfort Room. I may be picky on food but I'm more tolerable on comfort rooms. Theirs however did not pass my low-key standard on CR's. Maybe it's the foot mats or towels. Bath textiles were a bit smelly. Sorry. Maybe it's only by chance but I ended up using my bath towel. 

☻Millie's Buffet Breakfast Scene. Christmas morning was not as quiet as I intended it to be. We literally had to sit in line because we had to wait for our turn. I mean, it's perfectly okay if you're paying only a few hundred bucks. But IMHO, this is a part of our Php 5,900 tag, I'm definitely expecting much more than that.

☻Bland Breakfast. I would like to be as transparent as possible, hence, I decided to include this in my review. Food and coffee are not warm enough. Lastly, you have to ask the waiters to refill this and that because it's ubos (empty) na :(


I still believe it's worth visiting. My tip is to book your reservation on lean season. Checking in on peak season may not be a good idea since they're relatively small (man-power wise). If you have another experience or comments, feel free to let me know. I am open minded specially on hotel reviews. What's your hotel away from home? -CMK



  1. My family does that too..we spent our summer at a hotel in tagaytay i forgot the name though haha :))) it's nice to read reviews like this, gives us an idea whereto check in mext :)

  2. such a beautiful scene! even it's still Manila, it's stunning! I do know how haggard the staffs are in peak season, they forgot a lot of things regarding the amenities and freebies.

    We stayed in Holiday Inn, Subic International Hotel but that was four years ago, when Tatay doesn't have a lot of expenses pa with our tuitions. hihi

    PS: It'd be great if you use larger images, just suggesting Miss K :)

    1. Oh, thanks for the feedback Lady. I'll try to use larger images next time (^^)

  3. Ive been wanting to try the microtel because of their pool! Haha! But no budget yet. I want to wake up with that view also! Lovely country!

  4. I hope we'll stay here soon. The view looks fantastic!

  5. Very timely!!! My sister said she wants us to check in here sometime this year! I'll show her your review about Microtel. hihi thanks!!

  6. I'm planning to surprise hubby on our anniversary, this ones perfect!
    After vikings tulog! Puurrrferct!


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