Wednesday 29 May 2013


Who loves ice cream and coffee and cupcakes? We do! Sharing with you my all-time favorite ice cream parlor within the ♥ of Makati! Standing just across MANGO shop in Greenbelt, the raw brick walls coupled with edible pastel colors are more than a mighty invitation to take a peek, try their goodies and grab a seat (if there's one available). Some helpful details, if you may:

WHERE: Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center Makati
BUDGET: Php 120 - Php 150 (approx)
SPECIALTIES: Gelato Ice Cream, Affogato (coffee with ice cream), waffle with ice cream

Here's one of my documented bonding session with Jolly of The Red Lippie Adventures. Visit her blog HERE. If you need an hour-long heart to heart session with your girls (or guy) this is a perfect location. 


☺Laid-Back Ambiance. I admit it. One of my key considerations in CMK EATS review is the place. Caffe Ti Amo definitely has A+ in this department. Whether you are in with your laptop to work or friends to chat, this is a good place. Promise.

☺Magazines and comfort room. Coffees are diuretic. It makes you pee, making CR's a bare necessity. I adore the fact that they have one within the place despite Greenbelt's healthy supply of quality CRs. They also have a handful of books and magazines. However, magazines are listed in CMK WISHFUL THOUGHTS too. You'll find out later.

☺Ice Cream. Coffee Flavor. Hands down, my favorite of them all. Worth trying flavors are Pistachio, Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate. It's more affordable to go by medium size since you only have to add a few bucks for a larger tub.

I know you want me! -Caffe Ti-Amo Ice Cream


☻Space. Maybe because it's so popular that space now has become an issue. Best to come earlier for you to pick the best spot. They have a place that's called "Anything Goes" space. There's a sofa and electric outlet. Most sought-after spot. I can stay there for hours.

☻Updated Magazines. Magazines, they have alright. However, it would be better if they have an updated version. Not necessarily current version but not older than 2 years ago. Geez. I picked up a mag before, when I opened it, pages are falling apart. Falling. Apart!

☻Overrated Price. Might grasp a larger market share if they lower the price a wee bit. I mean, it's nice and product quality is fairly okay too. However, not everybody is willing to spill a hundred plus bucks in exchange for an ice cream fix. 

Try it for yourself at least once. Chances are, you'll be their regular customer too. I'm usually hanging out within the shop, mostly Saturdays. If you happen to see a girl with a beaming brown hair and a dilapidated digiperm {blame it on summer swimming} - please say Hello! We can have a little chit chat, my treat. {Last sentence for this post? A joke. Haha!} -CMK



  1. I've never tried it here cos i thought it's too expensive. I don't know why i never bothered to check the price range haha :)))

  2. I love ice creams! How much for a scoop or a cup Miss K? :O seen this on my Aunt's FB last month and she said it's so yummy and not too sweet.

    I'll try to visit Caffe Ti-Amo one time, on Saturday, let's see if I'll have an ice cream for free <3 (haven't read the last words, sorry, haha) XD

  3. I want to try this! I have never tried because of the price but I think based from your review and photos, it's worth it. I'll try this soon :)


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