Friday 17 May 2013


One of the most life-changing realizations I've heard {and applied} in my life goes like this: LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO PLAN FOR THAT GRAND TRAVEL, MIGHT AS WELL TAKE BITE-SIZED BREAKS... ENJOY LIFE WHEN YOU GOT A CHANCE.  

Whoah. Very liberating. When you're running the rat race for quite some time, you'll feel a tinge of a burn out once in a while. It's not like you want to drop everything off and walk away. It's more of you wanna drop things off for a while and pick it up again once {you're} recharged. What comes closer than getting that soothing massage? 

 Few steps away from Greenbelt 5, along Mom & Tina's - you'll see a hidden haven by the name of BlueWater Day Spa. You may have seen my Ventusa blog review (HERE) last year about the same, I must say that things have improved! We've been greeted by a nice semi-dimmed reception area. You can see their menu via mini-tripod board together with a short video starring Mikaela Lagdameo, Aljur Abrenica and Iya Villania. We picked Combo Herbal Massage and while we're waiting for our room, the staff are kind enough to lead us into their Foot Spa Room.

Place is cozy and relaxing. They have a brochure of good movies should you want to watch while waiting or being pampered. Their lazy boy sets are bliss to my shoulders and back. Sleep comes naturally with these babies. Now let's take a peek on their washroom, massage room and shower room. As soon as you stepped on the place, you'll hear a medley of nature-inspired sounds. Typical mirror and lavatory with shower and bathroom. You have the option to take a shower first before the treatment.

☺Massage. Their version of Combo Herbal Massage is relaxing and perfect for people who are always in front of computers. It's a whole body massage. What's nice is after the initial back part massage, a hot herbal compress will be gently placed on your back and shoulders.  

☺Quality Treatment. I admire how personal (as opposed to commercialized) the procedure is. IMHO, some celebrated spas are too hurried to wrap up your treatment because there are customers waiting outside. It kinda defeat the relaxing purpose right? In BlueWater Day Spa - they make it a point that you're moving at your own pace. Thumbs up! 

☺Price is Right. Php 800 for an hour and 15 mins treatment is a fair deal. To think it's in the heart of Makati plus you get to enjoy the zen-like ambiance.

♣ You may request which points {body parts} do you want the masseuse to concentrate. I specifically asked ate to concentrate on my back nodules. My sleep was amazing the night after!
♣ Regarding the hot herbal compress, it depends on your heat tolerance. Feel free to let them know if you are comfortable or otherwise with the procedure.

What about the price list? Check this out!

☻Bidet and tissue supply. I noticed that their tissue has ran out just when I need it the most. Haha. No big deal, but yeah, it will definitely help if they're keen to replenish toiletries like this. Bidet, is mighty convenient specially if you'll be doing something other than to pee.

☻Wet Floor perhaps? With 6 branches under its hat, I guess expanding their amenities will do wonders on market share. 

☻What about BlueWater Day Tea? I must admit it, I missed the special ginger tea from another establishment. Instead of a Lipton tea, making their flagship hot sip might be another fantastic idea.

I had a relaxing afternoon at BlueWater Day Spa. Sure it cost quite a few but quality service has a tag price, don't you think? It's not a bad thing to pamper yourself, ladies. Just remember the key: BALANCE. That's what ZEN is all about.

Relax and breathe once in a while. Everybody needs that! 
What's your stress reliever? -CMK


  1. I want to treat my boyfriend to a spa for our anniversary would you happen to know any place that would allow boys and girls on the same room, just so we could chat while getting pampered you know :)

    1. Hey Christine. Firstly - that's too sweet! Congrats to both of you! ♥ Next, YES. They have a couple room where you can have a hearty massage in the same room.

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  3. Dreaming of bringing Tatay and Mame here someday, they've been complaining about their rheumatism nowadays. :/

  4. I love the place! I hope I can bring my parents here soon :)

  5. Yay! Thanks for posting the price list! And YES TO BIDET! I always check that whenever i go somewhere. Its a must. Tissue is so 2000! Haha

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