Thursday 18 April 2013


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Each household probably know what MERALCO is. However, since I'm running out of juicy introduction and would like to go straight to the point, allow me to lift some information from their Company Profile: The Manila Electric Company (commonly known as MERALCO) is the largest distribution utility in the Philippines. It serves 25% of the Philippine population.

I'd like to share with you how well MER stocks are doing the past days! I thought I've seen an awesome leap when I saw JFC (stock code for Jollibee) climbed from Php 115 to Php 125, but wait! there's more! Below is a simple graph I've created to show you some trend. Intervals are by 10's and it seems that the differences are not material, but normally, +5 and -5 change is a big chunk for any blue chip stock. Hence the shock of my life! ☺

♣ Conservative estimate of knowledgeable analysts says that
 the BUY BELOW PRICE for MER is Php 330.40. 
If you're following the rule strictly, this translates as 
you should NOT buy any MER stocks until price 
per share falls below Php 330.40.

♣ Notice that yesterday, price is about Php 341 and 
today price shows Php 361. The BIG QUESTION is: 
Can MER sustain this trend in the coming days, or will correction 
(lowering of prices) happen any time soon?

♣ Should you buy MER today in the hope that 
it will  climb up to great-er heights or 
just hold your horses and wait for price slash?

Now, I understand why fees on stock workshops cost 
range from Php 3,000 - Php 10,000. This is because a question that is 
seemingly answerable by YES or NO is not that easy after all.

♣ Going back to our basic tip,  let's invest in blue chip stocks. 
MER is definitely one and it surging up above
 is possible if not today, in the future.

♣ Diversify. Don't put your eggs in one basket, and if you do...
WATCH that basket well.

♣ On a personal note, since I bought some MER shares 
before when prices are low, I think I'll buy a handful and 
ride the trend. After all, our electric bills are surging too 
so I might as well compensate! ☺

NOW... before you rush and buy, consider this timely message.

 With God by our side, truly, ANG LIWANAG NG BUKAS! #Loveit
God bless the works of your hands! -CMK


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  1. how to buy MER shares? please enlighten me about this :)


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