Friday 12 April 2013


I may never get tired of going to and fro to Tagaytay. Only some few hours away from where I live (somewhere South)... fresh air, good food, lush trees and coffee are just around the corner! It's my go-to place when I am super stress and in dire need of nature-tripping! On this trip, we literally went to Bag of Beans for lunch. After lunch, we went back sniff! Just the same, we enjoyed the lunch so much.

TIP: Shao brought with her a deck of cards called "ICE BREAKER". It's quite common during my high school era though for some reason, I forgot about them. Good thing she tagged that along - we had so much fun!

Some random pictures. I fell in love with the Fuchsia and Lime Green tandem. Very refreshing to the eyes! Ferris Wheel in Tagaytay was still in construction when we passed by. It mimics the MOA Eye though it's being touted as the highest Ferris Wheel in the country. I'd love to try that! Last 2 pics are just eye candies :) Now let's start some food fest!


1. Fish and Chips (Bag of Beans' Style). Dip the fish on their barbeque sauce for more yum factor. Fries are bland though. We're not happy with the fries considering its price (wow tongue-twister!) 

2. Roast Beef. From a scale of 1 - 5 (highest), I'd say 3.5! 
I like how thin it is though the sauce could be more tastier. 

3. Seafood Carbonara. My favorite amongst the main dish. 
It might be a bit oily but its tolerable. I love its freshness factor. 

4. Another camwhoring session.

1. Chocolate Mousse. I am tempted to compare it to Nuttela but nope, it's different. It's creamier and bitter-sweet (which I love, btw) compared to Nuttela. I can INHALE 3 cups of this in no time. But don't worry - self control triumphed (for now)!

2. Cafe Mocha. I like how the substances were layered. Espresso then chocolate then the icy stuff. I find it kinda sweet though. This plus chocolate mousse might be an overkill. Disclaimer: the mousse and this are Jay's. What's mine is the 3 + 4 combo.

3. Unlimited Brewed Coffee. Yes. My takaw-mata antic got the best of me. For only Php 30 you'll have an option to go unli-kape! I recalled Lhyzza asking me if I'm sure as it's the first time she encountered someone who loves unlimited coffee. Well, my judgment is wrong. After one cup - I gave up (another tongue twister!) In fairness, their coffee is so good.

4. Blueberry Cheesecake aka Star of the Show. This never fails.
My Top 1 cheesecake forever! There's the cheese, the fruity blueberry 
and the graham base. Add it all together - BLISS!

Where's your go-to happy slash nature-tripping place? -CMK


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  1. yum yum! haven't tried this when I'm having my OJT in Tagaytay :( napapadaan lang when on our way to Olivares or market. But I'll try BB some other time, kahit 1.5 hours ang byahe from here to there, and balita ko po open na yung Sky Eye sa Tagaytay Sky Fun Park, pero I'll be trying it after 3 years siguro, yung sure nang hindi magkakaaberya. hihi


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