Wednesday 20 March 2013


To say it's hot these days would be an understatement.
Fact. It is HOT. Brighter than the Sun song is so definitely in!
So what to wear when it's hot and humid and Mr. Sun is beaming so intensely?
Summer Dress! What else? Others smirk with the idea of sporting a dress thinking it might be uncomfortable. The opposite is what I experienced. 
Breeze come and go. No hassle on my legs. Peeing is also hassle-free. 
Okay scratch the pee-part :D

Honestly, the dress is quite old. About 2 years old, I think.
But this is one of my favorites! It is so lightweight and fool-proof.
Whenever I don't have enough time to think about what to wear,
this is my go-to dress. 

Dress from Cosmopolitan Clothing (The Ramp, Glorietta)
Watch from Veloci (click HERE)
Flip Flops from Havaianas

Going back to Sunny Manila. So many people are irked by the weather.
Who can blame them? It's hot and humid and icky.
When I had the privilege to visit Prague few years back, one of my team mates 
(a Macedonian) told me that he can endure cold weather, but never a humid one.
To my mind, I say: "It's a case to case basis, really."

While I romanticize how does a winter feel like, given a choice,
I think I can endure summer better. My heart still beats for 
a tropical country like ours. Though once every so often,
I miss wearing a crisp red coat and knee-high boots like so:

Isn't RED such a versatile color? Summer or Winter, 
the color still stands out. Another proof that RED is here to stay?
Let Cameron Diaz guide you on how to rock a Red and Black Stripes Dress!

Navy Inspired Dress 
over Flip-flops? Over Stilettos? Over knee-high boots?
Go for it! Nobody's judging. That's what's nice about fashion,
everything is so relative! Have fun in the sun. Yes, with your dress on! -CMK


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