Thursday 21 February 2013


To Save or To Invest? That is the question!

It was May 2008 when the thought hit me:  
"I've been working for the past years but it seems that 
I'm in no way richer than before! Parang walang bakas!"
I self-talked. This question moved me so much that I 
can't stop thinking about it not until I do something. 
And so there goes the story WHY I opened my personal savings account.

We've already talked about the 3 good reasons 
on why we should save (click HERE).
Now, let's UP talk one notch higher - which is better:
To Save or To Invest? For someone who's new to this 
(and loves fashion better than talking about all these things)
it would be best to differentiate in simple terms what's one from the other.

On the blue corner: TO SAVE
Simply put: Keep your money for future use

♣ Set your money apart. Literally. Either on a piggy bank, a bamboo container or a different wallet. You won't be touching that money with the exact serial numbers, stat! ♣ Open a savings bank account. Title is a big give away. You're still saving, only difference is your money stays in the bank for a while. Though you have the option to withdraw it anytime. ♣ Open a time deposit. Still with a bank but generally, you cannot  withdraw your money over a fixed period of time. Interest is a wee bit higher than interests from banks.

On the red corner: TO INVEST
Simply put: 'Grow' your money for future use

♣ Sell your time. Or talent. Or creativity. In short, you work for a company or a person. And get paid for doing it. ♣ Sell goods. Be an entrepreneur. Can be franchising, buy-and-sell, online or bazaar business, this may seem a bit challenging at first, but if you hit all the right corners (like timing, target market, etc.), the money that you invest will yield much higher returns. ♣ Sell your money. Say what?! Yes. And I mean buy a portion of a big company's shares and enjoy a portion of that big company's return in the future. Is it at all possible?! Yes again. By investing (NOT TRADING) in stock market. 

GOING BACK! Which one is better? INVESTING for crying out loud! We don't need a genius to answer this theory. Then again, if investing is better... WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT IT? 

I'd say a more complete answer is: YOU SAVE FIRST, THEN YOU INVEST. How can you invest if you don't have a start up capital in the first place? By saying "start-up capital" - we mean between some few hundred pesos to a hundred thousand peso (all depends on you).

I know these info can be too overwhelming but we can learn anything (if we want to) right? And if we can set apart some time to learn some not-so-productive things, it wouldn't hurt to make a tiny effort learning some stuff that will make us richer.

A little something from Warren Buffet. He is dubbed as the world's greatest money maker. You ask how? Well, that's for me to know and for you to find out! *Wink -CMK



  1. I think I need this.. haha!

  2. Nice blog you have here! Thanks for a helpful information about investing! I am now more sure to invest to a Mutual Fund by the start of 2015! Any inputs on where to invest better? I am thinking of Sunlife Financial.. :)

    1. I have mutual funds to ATR Kim Eng (investment arm of Maybank), FAMI (investing arm of Metrobank) and Sun Life Financial. I think all of them are okay :)


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