Monday 4 February 2013


After attending a morning event, I decided to drop by at a dainty place I've been wanting to try the past months. Glorietta, Makati had undergone noticeable changes recently, and when I passed by through the former Kamiseta botique, this victorian, doll-house inspired place caught my eye. 

Mystery place is no longer a mystery, it's called Vanilla Cupcake Bakery (Glorietta). My eyes were opened wide (with twinkles on the side). Think of it as a real life doll house. From their curtains, draperies, Daphne chairs, chandeliers, the works! Haven for dates with your special someone(s)! Like your typical bakeshop, they serve pastries and hot beverages like coffees and teas.

Place. I've babbled enough on my intro above.
What's left is to see the place for yourself. ♥
Cupcake variation. Whenever I do reviews, I always look on how diverse
a product line is, and this bakery have so many flavors to choose from. 
From the usual to never-heard ones.
Premium Ingredients. It's not your typical bakeshop concoction,
base are fluffy-ish, caramel sauces are toasted 
into perfection, chocolates are heavenly.

Staff training. Case in point: Me and my friend were talking for quite some time
when we noticed it's taking too long for my brewed coffee (to be served). 
Turns out the cashier forgot to forward my order to the 'kitchen'. 
Noticed the other table has the same concern.
Coffee variation. While they do well in cupcake variation, I'm a bit surprised 
they don't have a cafe' mocha (in Glorietta branch).
Price is overrated. One cupcake can costs around Php 60-95.

This is a cupcake person's heaven. Specially the ones who love to bake.
One of Vanilla Cupcake Bakery's selling point is their gorgeous place, hands down.
I can see myself going back again anytime soon.
They're available in Glorietta and Trinoma.



  1. lovely place, it'll be nicer if they've used pink curtains rather than vain white -_- so it'll look like French Bakeshop. hihi, and for the cupcakes, O-MY-YUM! yet so expensive :/

  2. Pretty place! I was here last night at Glorietta. I tried the banofee and the blueberry cheesecake cupcake. They're so yummy! They also have a branch in ATC :)


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