Thursday 3 January 2013


Even hair nowadays are getting stressed, hence the need for hair spa! I've heard from a radio station earlier today that the common sickness these days are stress-induced.

So how come this invisible enemy is sapping all the peace and joy of 21st century people? I wonder if our lolos and lolas experience stress as harsh as we do today?

Little Flashback: Ironically, I'm not stressed when I bought this book. I was peacefully looking for some interesting reads one Saturday at a bookstore in Greenbelt when my eye caught a glimpse of the rope (look at the picture closely!). Little did I know that I'll be needing this book in the future. God is all-knowing indeed.

PUBLISHER: Harvest House Publishers, OMF Literature, Inc.

So what's this book all about? All of us experience stress in various shapes and forms. Students, working classes, bosses, all of us know how it feels to be 'stressed'. So familiar that it became a common lingo like "You look stressed today!".

The book tackles how to manage (I love the word tame as I see 'stress' more of a monster really!) stress not in a texbook presentation but in a practical, bite-size way. I think that's what set this book apart from all other self-help books that I've glanced.

It also helps to know that the author is not detached from stress reality. Coming from one of the most stressful professions, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), she wrote her way on how she handled stress in most aspects of her life. By CPA, it means: Numbers. Reports. Deadlines. Now, you get the picture. 

I believe she's writing from a been-there, done-that position. In 30 different ways, you can start off your day with a healthy dose of Scripture. A 2-3 page practical tips capped with a sentence prayer.

Stress is no respecter of religion. It defies gender and career borderlines. What's nice about this book is you can connect how practical God's words are in your everyday life. That by simply stretching and breathing and scheduling your day wisely, you can tame and eventually control the stress in your life.

As a teaser, allow me to share with you some tips on "How do you control stress instead of it letting it control you?" Excerpt from the book and listed in no particular order:

☺Nourish your body. (Veggies and fresh fruits, anyone?)
☺Get physical. (Let's get...)
☺Laugh. (No brainer but it pays to be reminded, seriously, I mean laughingly)
☺Stop stress-speak. (This is interesting.)
☺Deal with disappointments. (My favorite!)

Feel free to visit OMF Literature by clicking HERE. Also, you can follow OMFLIT via twitter, HERE. This 2013, give yourself this gift. A gift of positive outlook and a healthier disposition. You'll be surprised how little gestures go a long way. If you're in constant battle with stress, you may want to get hold of this gem. Who knows? Maybe this little book is God's way of telling you to chill and enjoy life a little more!

Lastly, here's my other favorite part of the book:
Take a time out. Jesus said, "Let's get away from the crowds for a while and rest." Mark 6:31

And so - if you think the Bible is far way away from 21st century reality, think again. You don't judge the book by it's cover! Happy Stress-Free 2013 Everyone! -CMK


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  1. This is a great book. You should read The Purpose Driven Life. It's a great read and really helps to know our purpose in this life :)


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