Wednesday 12 December 2012


Now that Christmas breeze is so close for us to feel, 
it's that time of the year when we are giddy
to sit and create our Christmas list.

It's always, I mean 'always' necessary to give
meaningful gifts to your loved ones.
Things that will scream: 
"I care enough to know what you want for Christmas, so here it is!"
On the other hand, giving generic gifts will screech:
"I've done my ritual. There you go!"

One of the Top Christmas items to give is 
colognes or perfume. Maybe because it's something that is useful
and lasting. Challenging part is to know the receiver's preference,
but that's where the love part goes.

What's there to look forward in Zen Zest CHRISTMAS COLLECTION?

TOP #5: Quality Colognes. 
I've mentioned way before that I've been using Zen Zest 
for the longest time and I am one happy client of theirs.
You can sense from the first whiff that it's not water concentrated
plus the fact that products are too cute, you'll think it's all cotton candy!

80ml Body Spray for women P99.00

TOP #4: Choices are endless!
They have specific sub-collection for men, women, kids, babies and 
yes, even room deodorizers!
While you can mix and match these goodies 
(think: pink one above is for your becky besty),
the idea is you can give gifts to your loved ones without
second guessing.

2 body spray 80ml for men II

TOP #3: Specific Themes
Since it is around the corner, might as well smell what Christmas is like.
We've been told by Zen Zest owner herself, Ms. Michelle
that the smell was inspired by Christmas thoughts and elements.
Makes me wonder all the more, what's inside the Winter Wonderland
and Christmas Spirit bottles?

two christmas room spray 80ml P99.00

TOP #2: Best Buy
Their price tags are so friendly. Quality and affordability 
is not mutually exclusive. Zen zest will show you that.
How can you go wrong for 120 ml body spray for Php 120?!
Between these 2 below, I love Pure Cotton better ;)

120ml Body Spray for women P120.00

TOP #1: Packaging
You'll agree with me when I say the packaging are very well made.
From the spray nozzle, to the bottle, to the box.
It's worth every penny.
They are uber nice inside and out!


They've recently released their room fragrance collection.
I went gaga over the Cappuccino (brown) variant!
This one's best to deodorize your kitchen.
But I can use it in our living room, bedroom, wherever in no time!

Please note that this is one of the many gift suggestions
that you can give to your special someone.
All it takes is a little imagination and lots of love to 
show them you care. 
Not only every Christmas,
but all year round. 
Hope you're enjoying the Christmas breeze. -CMK.


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  1. I hope they will still have this kind of packages on this year's Christmas <3


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