Monday 19 November 2012


We all have days when we want to spritz more scent than usual. Whether the reason is your crush is somewhere near you or you just want to have a feel-good vibe, we all have those "I-need-to-smell-fantastic" moments.

It's also part of good grooming. Not that it's mandatory but smelling nice is admittedly, an instant upper. Budget meets good scents! That's how it is with Hot Shop Pour Femme colognes.

For those who are not yet familiar, these 2 perfumes came from The Saladbox monthly subscription package. For further info, click HERE. Perfumes like these are one of the many products you can try before you buy with Saladbox. It is such a great idea, since perfumes/colognes take quite some time of getting used to.

As of this writing, I'm not quite sure which perfume I like better, let me share with you my thoughts on both variants.

Perfume Name: HEAVEN
Retail Price: Php 400 for 50 ml
 Technically, you are getting it at a discount with Saladbox
Smells like: Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue
Packaging: Acceptably light and the diffuser is working nicely.

Perfume Name: PINK TOUCH
Retail Price: Php 400 for 50 ml
Smells like: Lacoste Touch of Pink


Pink Touch has a longer staying power than Heaven.
However, I find it too overpowering for a cologne.
Smell is quite sweet though acceptable.
It's perfect for a cup of tea with the girls type of events.

Heaven on the other hand earned my affection over time,
since I love D&G Light Blue to start with.
Though like D&G, Heaven has a quick staying power.

Personally, if I got bored or would like to stretch a bit, 
I reach out for a bottle of perfume and spritz it on my 
wrists, hands, shoulders - to my heart's content!

Ever wonder why is that when you sniffed something bad, you frown.
Whereas when you sniffed something good, you smile or your face lights up by default? 

Maybe facial muscles have mind of their own...
Smelling nicely attracts good vibes. Agree? -CMK.

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