Thursday 15 November 2012


Each of us has a signature lip color. A color that suits our skin and lip type perfectly fine. It took me a long while before I realized that pink is my signature lip color.

Pink can qualify as a universal lip color, just look at Barbie. Color illuminates one's face - that's what I like about pink the most!

I intend to purchase one lipstick to match the fashion world's FALL trend (though yes - we live in a tropical country) - and based on runway reports, WINE RED is in.

Browsing through the stores at SM Mall of Asia, I conveniently scoured the colors at REVLON booth - only to find this amazing Matte Pink Lipstick. Ending: As opposed to my intially planned  WINE RED color - this PINK captured my fall lipstick peg by default.

I don't know - it's just love at first swipe, as many girls will agree. The lipstick is a more opaque version of my current favorite, Maybelline Fuschcia Fever (click HERE).

REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick in Stormy Pink
Price: Php 475.00 Type: Matte
Available in: Revlon Booths.

Revlon lipsticks are the next best thing to MAC lippies and not to mention they are more than 50% price friendly. The brand's super lustrous collection is available in Matte and Semi-Matte types. Of course, Mattes are my best bet as I seldom do retouches.

☺Perfect Color. It is a borderline between violet and pink;
which to me is perfect because I don't have the shade before. 
It can pass for a nude pink lipstick due to its color (not overpowering). 

☺Sleek Packaging. Outer part is consistent with the lipstick type - Matte. 
I admire how the brand put across its simple yet classy casing!

☺Barely-there feel. This is a first. I never thought it's possible for a lipstick to 
feel this thin! Between a lip balm and this, the former feels thicker 
compared to this lipstick. Quite an experience.

Lacking pigmentation. 
 It took me about 5-6 swipes to achieve my lip color above.

☻Value for money. 
Still dwelling on my first wishful thought - more swipe means more usage, 
and so it's bang for buck is not that impressive.

I don't have that much Revlon products but I'd say they're worth a try.
If you don't have a violet and pink borderline shade, this will fit the post.

Don't you think it's a high time to discover your signature lip color? -CMK



  1. I love the color! Can you recommend other lipstick colors?

  2. Love this color! very similar to the colour collection in kissmark! I also want the Mac in flamingo. anything light pink is love! i will save just for this revlon. Perfect for everyday use!

  3. I have a revlon lipstick from a friend po :D And I'm lovin it! <3 Super pigmented sya, like, what you see is what you get :D it's in brick red po :) Yet I wanna try beige or nude :D


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