Tuesday 13 November 2012


While fashion styles are ever changing, fashion classics are here to stay. While we love trying trends once in a while, it's money savvy to invest in classics. But what if you can have shoes that have a classic feel with a trendy touch?

Good News: Mario D' Boro Shoes (MDB)

It's a local brand that aims to offer quality, affordable and yes, 100% Filipino made footwear. Cool to know that it's a sister company of Cardams brand too.

Colorful flats add a twist on your shirt and jeans combo, while high wedges add an air of power aura (and height, of course) on your skirts / dress ensemble.

If you think that MDB is exclusively for girls, think again. They have complete selection for men, women and kids. Need some additional nudge? Well - feast your eyes on Mario D' Boro's newest collection! (Video Credit : Mario D Boro Facebook Page, click HERE).


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  1. I thought Mario D' Boro's some kinda Spanish brand :O

    BTW, love your MDB bright yellow flats! I'm a ballet flat sucker, cause I can use whether I'm in jeans, skirt and dress, they're multipurpose and comfy too! <3 While my Mom loves wedges and I borrow hers occassionally :) It's great having a Mom with the same feet size as yours :)


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