Thursday 22 November 2012


I've been into nicely brown-colored hair lately. That plus the digiperm from Beauty Brick Salon (click HERE) are my twice a year luxuries. I arrived at Bench Fix Salon - Glorietta branch at around 10:30 am.

What a best time to go to a parlor! Ambiance is so fresh, 
hair stylists are un-harrased and long lines of hurried people? Zero! It's me, myself and another woman who happened to be an early bird too.

Here's a simple roll call on how my treatment went:
♣ I've been asked to choose my color, it's Loreal Majilift (if I remember correctly) Color is Clear Brown. I do have a sticky feature - since day 1 it's clear brown. On that note, I'm not ready for a change... yet! :) 
♣ Amy (the stylist above) layered my hair first because it's frizzy and wavy, he chopped a few inches to give my hair a decent body.
♣ Emily, his assistant started to paint me brown

♠ Amy, to my surprise, applied a dab of hair color into my eyebrows!
Para raw consistent. Haha! But I think it makes sense ☺
♠ I availed of their minty hot oil treatment too since my hair was so dry.
The solution was applied and my hair was bubble wrapped for less than an hour.
♠ I've just had the best back massage for ages. Re-lax-ing. Zzz. Thanks Emily.

UPDATE! For my 2013 clear brown color experience, feel free to check my post:
Click HERE :)

Where? Bench Fix Salon - Glorietta Branch
Treatment: Haircut, Majilift Color and Hot Oill
How much? Whole treatment costs around Php 2,800
* Price depends on brand, length of hair, etc.

The place was unruffled and stress-free.
It's always like this on weekday mornings.
Don't count on it if you're going on a Saturday!

I used to think that improving one's hair is a massive vanity,
but I've realized a lot of things lately,
one of which is: Being the best version of yourself is a ministry by itself.

Despite some grievances life throws once in a while,
life is meant to be enjoyed.

Except for a dent on my wallet,
I'm happy with the whole {paint-me-brown} experience. -CMK


  1. Tinski!!! love your hair!!! i'd like to get some curls din sana. kaya lang parang high maintenance e. haha. baka instead na maging fabulous, maging parang magulo lang yun dating ng hair ko. haha! - TLC

    1. Hi Trins!!! Haha. Salamat much! Sakto lang yung maintenance. Hindi naman siya high maint. Now that I've think about it - hindi na ko nag suusklay... so Low Maintenace na siya Haha!

  2. Hi CMK,

    Napa-color ka ba ng hair right after you had your hair permed? Ok lang ba yun, di naman ba nakakasira ng hair? Gusto ko sana magpa-perm and color at the same time but im not sure kung ok lang yun. :) thanks in advance sa reply mo! ;)

  3. Being the best version of yourself is a ministry by itself.

    I totally agree! :)

  4. Hi!
    Good color choice suits your skin tone :) Did you pick that your self?
    Did you also tried their three tone highlights?

    1. Hello :) Thank you kindly. Yup. Clear Brown was my choice for the longest time.

      I didn't try the highlights just yet. :-) Any experience on their 3-tone highlights?

  5. Ganda!
    I'm in the Philippines for a holiday at the moment and I was researching salons and came across the Bench Fix Salon, which led me to your blog :) You've sold me and I think I'm visiting the North Edsa branch next week!

    - Alissa


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