Monday 15 October 2012


Special thanks to my little drummer brother for taking this candid (literally) shot. I was about to go for lunch at Yabu when I asked him to click an outfit post of me. If you'll notice - I'm on a white blazer and shorts when I arrived there (click HERE). Since I have to commute all the way from somewhere South to Megamall, I slipped on this trusty nautical skirt from Weekender. I obviously changed my outfit in SM Megamall. Comfort room indeed, by the way! Too manang? I don't think so. It's more of there's a proper attire on every place, and shorts are definitely no-no without your private wheels. 

Nautical Skirt from Weekender
Sleeveless Top from SM Department Store
Bag from Longchamp
Ecru Wedges from Celine

Today's post is all about Nautical (Striped / Marine Inspired) Skirts. Multi-functional. You can wear them in the office, church, events, almost everywhere!

Style Tip #1: Wear your lines.
Most skirts have horizontal lines. But vertical lines? Why not? Peg below has this 50's wave. I adore how the off-shoulder top compliments the skirt and red flat shoes. I noticed that there's no accessories involved except for the cutesy gray ribbon. This is so Alice in Wonderland!  Cute!


Style Tip #2: Wear your details.
Peplum meets nautical skirt. Possible? Yes! Word of caution though, please wear your skirt with a plain top. Prints over prints is a fashion crime (generally, though some can get away with this). The peplum detail is subtly embedded that the skirt with a black top + chunky necklace can make its way into a lunch meeting! For another idea on how to wear a peplum skirt (this time plain and colored), click HERE.

Style Tip #3: Wear your color.
Vibrant color, if I may add. Color adds life. And what can be a better testament than the picture below?  Reds, whites and blacks are eternal. Bold Christmas red top definitely nailed this deal. Add a long necklace and carry your clutch for that early dinner appointment. Versatility, that and so much to love about this style.

Style Tip #4: Wear your volume.

Say what? See how balloon a skirt can get? This is genius. Glittery tube top plus the bouncy skirt can be pulled off in a cocktail party. A pair of drop earrings is just a bare necessity. Audrey Hepburn for 2012? You're on!

Since the holiday season is just around the corner,
 it's time to shop and update your style with a dash of edginess. 
Next time you spotted some lined skirts along the stretch of your favorite mall 
- these tips might come in handy. 
Stay beautiful. Inside and out! -CMK


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