Tuesday 30 October 2012


Archie - The Married Life is one of the post-Riverdale High School installments of Archie and the gang. It answers the million dollar question on whom Archie will choose. Is it Betty or Veronica?

Author is very brilliant not to break any hearts. The book has 2-parts. One was Archie weds Veronica. Another one was Archie marries Betty.

I felt uber giddy when I saw the comic book. I grew up with Archie. I recall when I was in grade 3, I used to munch chocolates while reading the little comics over and over. Honestly, I got majority of my first English words from Archie comics. That and some of French words like "Arrivederci" (or a rivederci), which literally means "until we see each other again", or "au contraire", which means "on the contrary".

When Archie married Veronica, Mr. Lodge (V's dad) gets in the way. He uses Archie to close Pop Tates' business. Story became complex because Jughead, Archie's best friend, will be the successor of Pop Tate's Burger Shop. Meanwhile, Betty moved into New York to nurse over her heartache. She managed to go back to Riverdale only to be ignored (as each character has some issues to deal with their own lives). Mr. Lodge is a full blast villain on this part. He has turned from a protective dad to a money monster. He wants to turn Riverdale from a small town to an industrial ville. But will Archie choose his marriage over his old friends, or vice versa?

When Archie married Betty, I rejoiced! Haha! I am Betty's fan. But I like Veronica's fashion sense too. Going back, Little Ms. Sunshine married her one great love. After the wedding bliss, they faced the inevitable - somebody has to pay the bills. Archie ended up to be a musician and Betty a housewife. Obviously, they're having a hard time putting up a sturdy budget to make both ends meet. Climax begins when Mr. Lodge (again) gets in the way. Since Veronica was devastated due to her failure of not getting Archie, good ole dad thought of the best way out - BUY Archie's affection. Will this be a story of love conquers all or will it be more of a "reality bites" corner?

♣ Still undecided? Here are some few good reasons to give you a nudge:
☺Moose and Midge broke up.
☺Moose will run as Riverdale's mayor.
☺Somebody will die :( (No, it's not Moose, but I ain't telling who).

♠ High School and Real Life are not the same.
♠ Friendships are never automatic. They're manual and it needs nurturing.
♠ Meet new friends but keep your old friends.
♠ Money is not an evil itself, obsession over it is.
♠ No matter how hard we fight for it, things (and feelings) change.

TITLE: ARCHIE : The Married Life (Paperback)
AUTHORS: Archie Marries Veronica by Michael Uslan
Archie Marries Betty by Paul Kupperberg
PUBLISHER: Archie Comics Publication
PRICE: Php 800.00
(bought it for Php 640.00 click HERE) 

 Next chapter continues. For quite some time, Archie kept mum 
about what lies after Riverdale High Graduation. 
Like with other youth oriented shows, 
we all want to know who ended up with who.
 And what are they doing after their younger years.
Unpredictable plot. Since the story line entails continuity, 
you'll be excited to see what happens next page after page.
Fast paced story line. I love how direct the delivery was. 
Author doesn't dwell in one character for too long. Very entertaining.

 Big Size. Gawsh. It's size is bigger than my business law books. 
Except that I love its content more than the latter. Teehee. 
But yes, I find it quite an issue since I love tagging along a book in my everyday life, 
I can't do that with Archie due to its size.
Series. It is a series and this is only 1 of 6. Ending of both story is quite bitin.
And I think the authors intend it to be that way.
Price. Remember that the book was printed in USA. So account for the foreign exchange difference. Php 800 is a huge chunk to shell out for a comic book. Well, it depends how fanatic you are with Archie. So the price tag is a relative issue.

If you grew up with Archie, this may be something to look forward to.
But you know what, I'm seriously thinking if I'll complete the whole series or not.
As of this writing, I'm not yet decided.
Also - I've realized that I love Archie and the gang more when they were in High School, I wish they'll stay that way. But of course, nothing is constant except change.

Strange but I was in a serious and contemplating mode after I finished up this dose of Archie. Maybe it comes with the fact that nothing stays the same. Life goes on and on and on.
So much realization after reading a comic book. ☺-CMK.



  1. I never thought Moose and Midge would breakup but they did. This is a great find I hope I can get the opportunity to buy it this week (sweldo) :P

    1. Hi Michelle. Same here. In addition, you wouldn't believe Midge's groom - Jughead Jones! Surprises! Surprises! talaga :)


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