Monday 22 October 2012


I recall how my college era adored glossy lips. And I do mean GLOSSY!
To the point that it looks like you have just eaten 
a roast chicken (aka after-lechon look) ☺ 
But way back that time, it looks oh so hot and chic! 

I suddenly feel nostalgic when I noticed this Avon lip gloss
lounging in my make up kit. Avon and college days have a lot in common.
They are classic, budget friendly and full of fun times.

Photo Credit to eBay for our picture on top.
I bought mine in Onyx Lustre. What's special about this lip gloss
is that it has that 3-in-1 combination, namely,
some kind of a violet, peach and pink shine!

Avon Tri-Lip Gloss (in Onyx Luster)
Price: Approximately Php 200 - 300 (depends if there's a sale!)
Where to Buy? From eBay or your Avon Ladies!

☺It's less greasy than the normal lip glosses I've used.
☺It's pigmented. Swatch below took only 2 swipes.
☺It prevents my lips from chapping, as with all other lip gloss types.
Value for money. It's very affordable and so... college girls friendly!

Swatch below (normal lighting):

CMK in Avon Onyx Luster Lip Gloss

☻Staying power. It lasts for only 2 to 3 hours. 
After that, best to retouch.
☻Packaging. After quite some time, the title {in the lip gloss product} fades.
Looking forward for some readable font styles.

This product is perfect for college and working girls alike,
it's never to late to embrace the joys of last era once in a while.
Product is perfect for that much needed girl bonding,
then when one of your friends 'noticed' that lechon lips in you,
re-live and laugh about the not-so-long ago college days!

Friends - the world is so much happier 
{and warmer} with them around! 
Make sure you don't take them for granted. 

Have you reunited with your college friends this year? -CMK


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  1. I also have this "parang nakakain ng lechon" moments because I love lip gloss! :))


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