Monday 24 September 2012


You smell good! We all love that remark! I heard someone say that our noses have direct access to our brains, such that if we sniffed something awful (I don't wish to expound any further) - we smirk and our facial expression flashes "I don't like it!" by default. Same is true when we inhaled some nice aroma, our face kinda lights up and our facial muscle then  re-organize to flash "Hmmm... Nice!" aura (sometimes coupled with a little smile).

Going a step closer to my next point - smelling good and having price-friendly perfumes are not mutually exclusive. Yes! You can smell good without causing a major dent in your wallet. Let me introduce you to Zen Zest Asia (Proudly Filipino, to emphasize).

I've had an opportunity to visit Zen Zest - Glorietta branch one Saturday. Their shop speaks for the brand. Zen. Peaceful. Uncluttered. Very conducive if you want to treat your nose, err yourself.
Let me share with you my random nice thoughts about Zen Zest and all the good stuff in it!

♠ They recently released a delicious collection. Sparkling Sugar Collection. According to Ms. Marilin, their best seller is the Vanilla Ice Cream one. I like its smell maybe because to start with - I'm not a fan of sweet (screaming girly) type of sniffs. Citrus and Vanilla are my best bet.

Zen Zest product line is endowed with variation. There are so many varieties! You'll get confused if this, or this or that! And I think that's one of the brand's advantage. More choices for teens, college students, working femmes, and the list goes on! They cover wide array of Eau de's. Eau de Cologne. Eau de Toillete. Perfumes. It's a sniff kingdom!

Zen Zest empowers layering. Simply put, they encourage you to put the same scent type for  your body scrub, lotion, perfume and right, even your hand sanitizer! Brilliant! It keeps the scent linger longer. That's why.

Zen Zest is beyond perfumes. They also offer out of the box relaxant such as Aromatherapy (diffusers) and Foot Care line. I'm surprised because they're as good as their main products. And not as costly as other brands.

To be clear, I'm not saying that Zen Zest beats your high end perfumes by storm. Some perfumes have higher price tags for a reason. Maybe it's the signature. Concentration, etc. What I'm sure is that Zen Zest is here to stay. Their scents are too nice for words. The brand offers a fresh new wave of alternative that attracts people from various walks of life. 

Visit Zen Zest Website by clicking HERE.
Like Zen Zest Asia by clicking HERE.
You can even follow the lovely beauty and brains behind the empire by clicking HERE.

Repeating these overly used words in my blog: 

Agree? -CMK.

Special thanks to Ms. Michelle, Ms. Cathy, Ms. Marilyn and Jesen for allowing us to grace your lovely store!

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  1. Zen Zest offers a lot of choices. Affordable too, and ideal for birthday and Christmas gifts :)


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