Tuesday 7 August 2012


Yves Rocher Elixir 7.9 Youth Intensifier

Women hates aging. Such big words but generally true.
Science continues to search above and beyond to find a potion to delay aging!
To say "it has arrived" would be too soon,
but one thing's for sure - A new breed of anti-aging  has come to life,
with the birth of:


[Youth] power in your hands!
Women in their late 20's are encouraged to apply anti-aging this early.
And to be honest, this is the first time that I have been interested to anti-aging stuff.
I've used quite a few but after 2 to 3 times, I got too lazy to do the ritual (zzz).

Now - the study:
Elixir 7.9 has been tested and approved by nearly 200 women during a 1-month period.
They noted visible rejuvenating effects on their skin: - Smoothed wrinkles,
- Boosted radiance, - Protected skin, - Refined skin texture, - Redensified skin,
- Relaxed skin, - New skin effect, - Revitalized skin, - Firmer skin.

It took me quite some time to post my review since I see to it that I've used the product myself and release my version of Happy and Wishful thoughts about a certain product.

7 botanical extracts and 9 anti-aging patents -
multiple reasons why natural products rock!
Absorbent & Light. I use this am and pm,
and like in makeups, SUBTLE is my peg.
I like how light it feels on my skin.
One of a kind packaging. Medicine Dropper,
olive green bottle = all in form of glass.
It works. Simple! It tends to plump-ify your skin,
thereby giving you that glow.
Php 1,190 for 30 ml bottle is just right with all the benefits.
Think : Relaxed Skin - i like that!
It's versatile. Say what? Yeah, you can use them
in ways more than one - watch out for sequel post on this.

One Drop can make a difference!

☻Medicine Dropper in Glass means difficulty in squirting the potion.
I tried like so many times but I ended up taking off the
medicine dropper and carefully pouring the liquid on my palm.
☻Weird smell. I'm not sure if it's just me, it has that milky smell,
that's unusual. Probably, it just me. Trivia : I don't drink milk. (bad, me).

Firstly, anti-aging creams may not seem mandatory at some age,
but I'd say prevention is better than cure.
A little drop here and there goes a long way.
Secondly, serums are generally pricey -- it can cost
thousands upon thousands of bucks,
yet - I'd say this product is fairly valued.
If you want to begin showing your face an extra-lovin'
Elixir 7.9 is your best bet!

Yves Rocher Philippines is
available at SM Southmall, Trinoma, among others.

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Text in italics are lifted from Yves Rocher site, (click HERE).

What's your anti-aging cream?
Share your story. Spill the beans. -CMK


  1. Thanks for the honest review sis! :) can't wait to grab one. Hoping that the weather will be tamed soon para I can visit Trinoma/Sm The Block.

    1. Hi. You are welcome dear ♥ Yup - I pray for a sunshin-y weather anytime soon. Stay safe wherever you are :)

  2. Bdw, I'm an avid fan of Kiehl's. Most of my skin care products are from them. I'm currently using:
    Kiehl's Line reducing eye brightening concentrate
    Kiehl's powerful strength line reducing concentrate
    Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate and
    Kiehl's clearly corrective concentrate

    Nanlaki yung mata ko when I found out na yves rocher's elixir only costs more than 1k. Kaya I'm looking for a cheaper but equally effective alternative ng line reducung concentrate ko. Almost 5k kasi yung gamit ko. Nakaka butas ng bulsa. Lol!. Hoping na mahiyang din sana ako dito. :)
    Thanks again!

    1. Wow - that is a lot! Yeah. I find it hard to believe at first na a little over Php 1k lang sia.

      I think the only thing I may need to get used to is the smell. Maybe that's just me. But other than that, I noticed that my skin looks 'intact' and plump-ier.

      Happy! Let me know if hiyang ka [or not] sa Yves Rocher. I hope hiyang para you'll have lotsa savings pa! $$$ :)

  3. Hehehe! Super dami nga ng ginagamit ko simula nung nagpapa prettify ako nung bago ikasal. Kaya up to now naging ritual na talaga. :p kainis lang kasi a month ago na confine ako. Kaya ayun, natigil silang lahat. Kaya nagsulputan yung pimples ang comedones ko. Tsk. Kaya I'm really hoping that this won't aggravate my skin condition. Thanks again sis!
    I'll surely report back maybe after a month of using this elixir. :)

    1. Aww... I pray that you're good and healthy now. That's sweet! I can just imagine how pretty you were in your wedding. If you have questions - I'm just here ♥


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