Wednesday 22 August 2012


Why do we need eyeliners? 5 words for you:
Eyeliners make our eyes POP!
Eye makeup is not complete without that deep set eyes effect.
In line with that, quick crash course on different types of eyeliners:

1. Gel Eyeliner - Perfect for Smoky Eye peg. The creamy texture of the gel eyeliner
is makes it easy to apply. The disadvantage is that it tends to smudge,
thus, it's best to use it for smoky eye makeup.

2.Liquid Eyeliner - My favorite! It's one of the best tools to
make your eye look BIG and FRESH. Downside : It needs
a lot of practice to apply it properly. It goes very well with vibrant makeup.

3.Pencil Eyeliner - Perfect match on nude makeup.
It has a very subtle and light color.
It's much easy to apply and needs more than one
coat to make the makeup prominent.

Our product for today is a perfect solution for
bellas on a shoestring budget.
Effective + Affordable is more like our equation!

Take a closer look at:
Type : Pencil (Cream) Eyeliner
Colors : Black and Brown
Price : Php 60 each
Available at : The Landmark, SM Malls, Watsons PH

It's Affordable. Just stating the obvious.
This product is pak na pak for students and stingy lass alike.
It's cream-based. Very easy to apply.
Friendly to beginners' hands.
It's retractable. No need to worry about
sharpening this beauty. All you need to do is twist and turn.
☺It has a bonus. An eyebrow brush.
In case you need to tame those bushes.

Ready for some swatches?

Swatches : Black and Brown

☻Not that Pigmented. One needs about 3 to 4 coats
to have a fairly obvious eye-popping illusion.
☻Effort to remove. You need to soak a cotton bud with
a make up remover (oil based, preferably)
to ensure that residues are all cleansed.

Other than these, what can possibly go wrong for a Php 60? For starters,
I suggest you pick these type of eyeliners first,
before investing to the pricey ones.

If I have 2 minutes to spare,
a clear cut eyeliner and fuchsia tandem
will definitely do the trick! -CMK

Some Eye-Popping!


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  1. is it waterproof and smudgeproof? i plan to use it on my waterline


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