Thursday 2 August 2012


Safety Area - that's where we all want. But in fashion - it's time for a cool play!
Denim pants are fine of course - but there are seasons that we can jump away from the bandwagon.
Guys - you wouldn't believe where I was in this pic (my Facebook friends have an idea!)
but yeah - I'm on a gun shooting range that time (literal gun, to be crystal clear).

So - if you'd think I'll go there in a manly ensemble - uh-oh.

Here's my Outfit of the Day:
Mini-Polka Dots Top from The Landmark
Blue tapered pants from Weekender (SM Ladies Fashion)
Slippers from Havaianas

What I ♥ about the Blue and Prints Tandem?
It's top-heavy friendly (Top heavy is a figure where you have broad shoulders
and just-right lower extremities, and that's me!). Prints tend to cover your top area
while bright plain bottom accentuates your asset.

It's very low-maintenance. When you're doing something new -
you can't afford to be complex. Simple yet trendy is a good key.
If we have wash and wear in hair, we have Wear and Forget in fashion.

Flexible. You wear it with blazer and heels - for a power dressing mode.
Wear it with flip-flops (my favorite) you have that laid back - come-here-rain vibe!

Care to meet our Gossip Girl Fashion Inspiration?
I love how her golden blazer made the whole outfit shine!

Talk about fashionable contrast!
The number is so manly yet so sophisticated.
As always - let the best in you shine! -CMK


  1. Contrasting colors! Very pretty! :>

  2. i love bright yellow plus deep violet <3 What I just wear last night when we attended a meeting :) yet Blue's my fave color, I'll consider this next time Miss K :) Thank you! <3


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