Monday 27 August 2012


One fine Sunday afternoon, my friends and yours truly have decided to eat at Army Navy!
Army Navy Harbour Square is located near the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).
What's extra-ordinary about this branch is the place.

Breeze. Food. Fun.
Takaw Much. Thanks Jizil for the pics.
Army Navy - Harbor Square View
It's uber perfect for that big group bonding with mother nature on the side.
I find their food naming conventions funny too!
Libertea (Iced Tea) for Php 75.00, Freedom Fries,
Mission Accomplished (for Claimed stub). Genius, right?

Here are some yummy treats we ordered:
Burger at Php 155
Total tag for a complete meal ranges from Php 200 to Php 300.
Serving Sizes are fair to gigantic (specially burritos)
Freedom Fries are good for 1 max of 2 pax.

Same goes for Soft Chicken Tacos.

Freedom Fries at Php 65
I think they should widen their choices on drinks.
I noticed that they offer some plain soda, hot stuff and shake.
Though, kudos to the Army Navy lady who answered me politely when
I asked if their hot chocolate (Php 45) is powdered. (Yes is the answer).
Their ice cream shake costs about Php 100. And that's about it.
I think offering some more drink choices can fairly up the sales.

Soft Chicken Taco at Php 145

Overall, Army Navy gives a new twist to your usual fast food routine.
Though it's admittedly pricey compared to our common fast food tag.
If you want to just gaze at the sunset and have a boisterous laughter
and photo op with your friends,
Army Navy Harbour Square can handle that real good.-CMK

Photo Credits : Google Images

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  1. One of my favorite burgers! Yummy fries and iced tea hihi. Bit expensive, but delicious! And the place looks fantastic. There's one at Nuvali, it's a bit cramped but the view is great too :)


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