Monday 9 July 2012


Photo Credit : Belo Medical Group

You've probably heard of all kinds of apps.
Web. Calculator. Reader. Games. I'll leave the techie words with you.
Now - here's an addition...
Spell B-E-A-U-T-Y application!

Some may probably smirk at the idea of altering one's self,
but hey - admit that you want to see how would you look like 
(oh yes, the BEFORE & AFTER)
after some virtual enhancements. Virtual underlined and in red.

Even my mom wants to see what she'll look like 
after all the botox, contours and so on.. (yep - no needles!)

Photo Credit : Belo Medical Group

What's there to love about the Belofy Me App?
It's a cosmetic surgery simulation app for iPhone in the Philippines - think Pain Free!
♥ Available on iPhones and iPads.
♥ It's user friendly. Icons are pretty straight forward.

♥ And most of all... It's FREE! Beat that!

Things to watch out for:
* Hopefully, a Belofy Me for Android will spruce up.
* Final touches like smoothing one's virtual skin will be available.

Now the 4 simple steps:
@ Download the application on iTunes (click HERE).
@ Upload your picture.
@  Shrink, expand, and mold your face to your heart's content.
@ Save your picture and enjoy :)

You can also share your pics at the Belo Medical Group FB Page (click HERE).

Now - you ask, who are these beauties who just joined the bandwagon?
Clue : They're part of the crazy viral Youtube sensation, Call Me Maybe.
Haven't seen the video yet? Click HERE.

Photo Credit : Belo Medical Group

Don't you think it's a fun way to explore the possibilities on face enhancements,
without a single tinge of a needle or a dent on your purse?
Lastly, let me leave you a lingering quote that says:

"Beauty without expression is boring." 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson #checknacheck! -CMK

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