Wednesday 25 July 2012


During the time that I'm writing this post - it's raining hard outside.
Was supposed to go to a swimming party but mother nature has other plans.
So - let's be flexible!

Peg today is Green with Envy (read: Subtle Poison Ivy). It's so easy. Step is only 1-2-3! Friendly note though that for me, less is more - s
o don't be surprised if I skipped the conventional make up theories.

Ready for out-of-the-box make up sesh? Here goes!

1. Set [your face] with a BB Cream + Liquid Eyeliner on the side. I used Skin Food BB Cream and Etude House Liquid Eyeliner. The best make up to wear is a healthy, glowing face. Make sure you wash + tone + moisturize. You may skip the primer if you won't be exposed with much light. I didn't use any foundation for today - it's just BB cream and that's it.

Steps 2 and 3 is just easy-peasy! You can complete this look in less than 10 minutes.

2. Add some blush and pump a bit of black mascara. Confession to make : I'm 'generally' uncomfortable using eyelash curlers (^.^) But if situation calls for it, then go. In here - I used a dash of mascara (no curler this time) and blusher to highlight my cheeks. I'm more into big blushers, below, I used Skin Food blusher. Easy on your blushers or you'll end up looking like a clown. Blusher, eye shadow and mascara are from Makeover (ME) Essentials - UK (click HERE).

3. Add some plum color to nail that Poison Ivy look! I used 3-layer combination for my lips. Starting from number 2 (count from left to right), then #4 then #3. I love its sultry effect on me.

Here's the finished product. Not the half-face swatches this time!
It's leaning towards that 'mataray' (stepsister) look,
but it's fun experimenting your look once in a while! -CMK

That Poison Ivy in me!


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  1. This is my ritual. I don't use foundation anymore. Just BB cream then straight to blusher. This looks great :)


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