Thursday, 14 June 2012


Sights to See are Diverse. From the Teddy Bear Museum to Nami Island (click HERE). You'll just feel overwhelmed and childlike the moment you stepped into Incheon Airport. I personally like these 2 giggly bears. They are so huggable! Not to mention the many theme parks they have. Lotte World! 

Food. Seoul is a gastronomical place for your tummies to behold. From sweets to main dishes. You'll have 3 words to say to your diet. "Goodbye for now". Top picks are Samgyeupsal (beef rolled in a cabbage with uber yummy spices), Spicy chicken barbeque, Rice (adorable texture coming from a 7-eleven like store) and loads of desserts. Dear - I told you I am mortified to step on a weighting scale days after the trip. Too scared to see the truth. Hek hek!

Cold Weather. Okay the -12 degrees chill - I don't like that much but the fact that all our make-ups still looked "fresh" even after all that jazz - Hah. AMAZING! On the photo above, my clothes have like 4  layers but I can still feel it. Brr. Quoting one of my friends : Don't even dare complain how hot it is in the Philippines. When you were here murmuring about winter! People wants neither hot nor cold #confused. Hihi.

Metro. Was fascinated how is it at all possible that the once groping nation can soar up so high. Metros (train system) is one of the measures how well off a country is. And look at where Seoul is. Their maps are like snake and ladders. They have Korail (think train going to Bicol - that's their equivalent) and regular metros. On top of these structural stuffs, it appalled me to see that there are seats ONLY for disabled/pregnant/old persons. Young ones cannot sit on it. Not even if there's nobody seating there. How's that for respect?

Last but not the least... here's one reason I also miss most about South Korea...

Shopping. With Skin Food, Nature Republic, Etude House, Face Shop, etc. all around - you will literally get lost on your budget and on wide array of choices! Plus - one thing I find so rewarding is that beauty shops give freebies according of course on how much your shopping bill was. Skin Masks, Trial Packs, Posters. The works. Ang saya-saya! (Happy!)

Writing this post makes me wanna go back there again. Gee! -CMK


  1. O my god ate kristine!!!!!!!!

    Gs2 ko din makarating sa Teddybear museum!!!

    1. Haha. Anne! It is really nice. May Jewel in the Palace na teddy bear look alike (^.^) Cute.

  2. maybe one day i come to korea..

    1. Hi Zolar. You should! Their places, food and culture are very interesting. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  3. Oh my gosh! Korea is an interesting country. They have a rich culture that I want to experience! :)

  4. Mom want to visit the museum! She's an avid fan of Princess Hours po kasi :) And my kuya naman really wants to try the authentic Samgyeupsal and bibimbap :) We only make these at home po kasi :) We've traveled in SKorea via Google Maps na din po :) Buti na lang may perspective view ang GMaps kaya po parang talagang nakarating kami dyan :) Hihi. And Korean cosmetics were the best! :D

  5. My dream country to visit. See you soon South Korea. <3 nice blog Ms. Kristine


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