Tuesday 12 June 2012


What's with the title? Hah!

Nothing much - it's just that I miss wearing office clothes at times.
Been ransacking some of good old photos when I spotted this one.
Twas my favorite attire when I was working for a multi-national company back then.

Just so you know back then wasn't too far off. 2010 to be precise. #defensive ☺
So if there's such a word like Mini-Reminiscing this is a perfect fit.

Little Black Dress (from The Landmark)
Gray Blazer (from Tomato)
Nude Wedge (from Celine)

That's it.

Not sure if this post will qualify on my FASHION ALERT series so
I decided to come up with an entirely different title.
Blazers may not be an all time trendy thing but this is for sure a classic ensemble.


LOOK 1 : Pretty in Pink
Cameron is strutting a coral (or blush pink, if you'll ask me) pants with
white top and nude blazer. Notice that her necklace don't go beyond the bra line
to emphasize a 'formal' ambiance. Strappy Sandals? Check!

LOOK 2 : LBD with a Twist
Of course LBD's are every woman's best friend but adding a
twist to an already sophisticated attire boosts its charm powers.
Notice that her heels are not too high and it comes with straps (as well).
The cut on her blazer accentuates her neckline + porcelain white skin.

Last look for this feed is something rock chick material.
I would be honest that I'm not a fan of this peg,
but it's worth giving a try. What is it?

LOOK 3 : Semi Biker Look
Look is more of a London Runway but I've seen a couple
of people donning this attire. To add a biker spunk,
pair it with a boots or boot-like shoes, add a leather bracelet,
crisp shades... and off the streets you go.

Well, whatever your inclinations may be -
I'm sure you want to add some classic wardrobes to your closet.
After all, trends come and go, but classics are here to stay. 

PS: I'm disturbed on seeing the shot above (1st pic on the post)
with my noticeable collar bones.
Where have they gone these days? Sob :(
Okay - love your body. I get it! That's it bellas! -CMK.


  1. Bam! You got that look! Really pretty!

    I also have those neutral blazers - pretty staple for my office wear. :)


    1. Thanks Chai. Agree. You can't go wrong with neutral blazers :) Btw - your blog is so cute! Full of fashionable stuffs and everything nice! Sweet! (^.^)


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