Tuesday 22 May 2012

My Sexy Revolution Starts Now

One time, Mom and I had an interesting conversation.

Tin : (Panting from her exercise) I just wish I could lose all these unwanted flabs!
Mom : Maybe you should exercise?

Tin : Mom. Newsflash. I just DID. At this point, I'm recalling all the exercises
I did the past YEARS. With my puppy eyes and downed shoulders, I told her in a melodramatic tone "Mom, don't you recall all THESE Oplan Diet Regimen?"

Mind you, this blog is a living online diary of what these are (to name a few):

Eat Healthy (for details, click HERE)

Yoga (click HERE)
Small Exercises (click HERE)

Mom : You know what anak, there are some fats that are too difficult to burn. Look at your wings and arms. (grinning)
Tin : Mom, there are times that you're just so honest. (facepalm)

Mom : I know. That's why I'm Mommy. (laughing!)

***End of Discussion***

Having that well-trimmed body is for sure a challenge for woman of all ages. For me, it definitely is! To date, I'm more of maintaining my current weight (which is a lesser evil than gaining some!) But I'm not letting go of that mindset. One day, I can achieve that toned body I've always wanted.

Mom's right, there are fats that are difficult to melt. Wings (back of our shoulders), Arm flabs and of course, the ever-famous belly are one of the many parts (sob). For sure eating healthy and exercise works but don't deny it - we all need some help for these hard to vanish fats. Which brings me to my next point.
Sexy Solutions (click HERE) aims to promote a lifestyle that will guide you in achieving and maintaining your desired body through a combination of treatments, diet and exercise. I won't drown you on details but I suggest that you visit their site for a few minutes. Site is really informative and helpful.

As I mentioned on our conversation above, women have typical concerns like melt fat in stubborn places, tighten loose skin and tone muscle. Even if you do a thousand crunches, some fats are just plain stubborn as it can be - all the more reasons why I think Sexy Solutions is a must try. (Think : Raymond Gutierez and Georgina Wilson)

Sexy Solutions also has in-house consultants that can help you with your nutrition and fitness regimen. Diet after-effect varies from people to people - hence, a diet consultant is a great help on how to lessen our intake without compromising our health.


♥ Completely Safe.
♥ Not painful.
♥ Treatment time is short.
♥ Cost efficient compared to other services.

As they say,
Sometimes it's not enough that you work hard, often times you have to work smart!
And how smarter can we get on our way to that Georgina-like body
than to give Sexy Solutions a try. Alam mo yan! -CMK.



  1. have you tried it Tin? effective nga ba? hehehe!

    1. Hi Encee! Err... I decided to give it a try but procrastinated :D I think nothing beats exercise + diet is still the best option. Aja!


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