Thursday 17 May 2012


I've been eyeing this skirt for weeks but for some reasons, I find the tag to pricey for a skirt. Then Serendipity! After the Sunday mass, I scoured SM MOA while waiting for my 2 pm appointment. First store my eyes laid upon was Bayo. And then I reckoned that there was that 4 magic word. No, not love, it's SALE. Details, click HERE.

Was about to leave the store when I noticed this chick hanging. Checked the tag price but there's no magic tag. Asked the lovely sales lady if it's included and whadayaknow it was! Oh Lucky Day! I ran to the fitting room and it fits like glove. Happy Me! 

You might ask, what's so giddy about a royal blue and black skirt? 1st, it can be worn 3 ways:

♣ Wear a lacy black blouse on top. Tuck it in and instant just-right girly ensemble.
♣ Feeling rowdy? Make way for that Gray shirt, let loose, tuck out and wear that Havaianas.
♣ Want a color burst? Pair this with a royal blue flats. Make sure the rest of your getup spells Neutral.

And if the first reason doesn't convince you. Maybe this will: Some royalty inspired us to wear the trend. Who's she? Clue : She married a prince!

Photo Credit : Google Images

Isn't she a darling? Very delicate, charming and classy woman of the world!
And if she gets to enjoy the beauty of donning a royal blue and black tandem.
Of course, commoners like us can!
Have fun your highness. -CMK.


  1. A royal piece indeed. I love how sophisticated and poised Kate is. And this piece is very classy too. I love how royal blue & black goes so well with each other :)

  2. Pretty skirt you got there Miss K! :D It doesn't suit it's name alone, but it's really for royals! :D

    PS. Congrats to Kate and Prince William's first born! :D


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